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Swae Lee Net Worth

How Rich Swae Lee

Swae Lee net worth: Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown, aka Swae Lee, is a hip-hop artist with a net worth of $10 million dollars. Here are 10 interesting facts about him.

Swae Lee Glasses

1. Swae Lee’s birthday is June 7, 1993. He was born in Inglewood, California and raised by his mother, who had a job working on tanks for the U.S. Army. They later moved to Tupelo, Mississippi, which is where Swae grew up. He has a brother, Slim Jxmmi, who also raps, as well as a step-brother named Jamil Ali Sullivan, who goes by Michael.

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2. In high school, Swae and his brother, Slim Jxmmi, along with friend and local rapper, Lil Pantz, began making music as a group called Dem Outta St8 Boyz. After high school, Swae and Slim were homeless for a short period of time. They slept in abandoned houses. At one point, they each worked grueling 12-hour shifts at a mattress factory to try to make ends meet.

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3. Their life changed in a big way in 2013. The brothers caught the attention of mega producer, Mike Will Made It, earning a record deal with his label, EarDrummers Entertainment. They called themselves Rae Sremmurd, which is “Ear Drummers” spelled backwards. *You’re welcome.

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4. To date, Rae Sremmurd has released three albums: SremmLife, SremmLife 2, and SR3MM. In 2019, Slim Jxmmi seemed to announce, via Twitter, that the duo was splitting up. Swae then responded: “Brothers gonna be brothers. It’s SremmLife forever,” to clear the air. Time will tell if we see a fourth album from Rae Sremmurd, but for now, both brothers are busy working on solo projects.

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5. One of Swae’s all-time favorite fan moments was when he and his friends were walking the streets of LA and got hungry, but nobody had any money on them. So this hot dog vendor, who happened to be a huge fan, buys them all whatever they want. Swae was so taken aback by his kindness, he hooked the man up with free concert tickets.

Swae Lee Motorcycle

6. Swae Lee has over 2,000 pairs of shoes. Perhaps his favorite are the classic Air Force 1s—all white, and box fresh, of course. And he’ll only wear ’em one time, unless, on the rare occasion, he decides to throw ’em in the wash. He’s a jewelry enthusiast as well, preferring classy, not-so-flashy pieces, that he wears even when he showers and sleeps at night.

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7. Swae likes to pig-out pre-performance. “I might eat a full course meal like 15 minutes before a show and be up there with a heavy stomach going crazy,” he says. Then there’s his juice fetish. “I grab a whole jug of juice every time it’s in the fridge. I might switch from orange juice, it might be cranberry one time. It might be tropical one time.” But why juice? “Something about the nutrients,” he says.

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8. Swae Lee loves animals. He dropped 20 G’s on a pet spider monkey named Lil G, that prances around in a tiny diaper. Then he’s got a Capuchin monkey named Naya. Plus a couple dogs and some mini-pigs that he had to move to a farm because they were tearing up everything in his crib.

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9. On January 6, 2020, Swae Lee’s stepbrother, Michael Sullivan, shot and killed his dad—which was Swae’s ex-stepdad, who had helped raise Swae when he was a teen. Michael apparently suffers from schizophrenia, and had not been taking his meds. Prior to the murder, he had also been physically abusive to, and even threatened to kill, his (and Swae’s) mother.

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10. Swae Lee’s ex-girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz, has claimed multiple times that she is pregnant with his baby. She also put a $20,000 bounty on his head and threatened to smash the windows out of his Lambo. After catching heat on social media, she backtracked, saying she wasn’t serious about any of it. Swae does not have any kids and vows to keep his romantic life private for the time being.

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