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Swaggy C Net Worth, Day Trading Truth


Five years ago, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams was a super broke college student. But that all changed after he discovered day trading.

He stopped playing college basketball, dropped out of school his senior year, and spent the next four years learning forex, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies.

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But it didn’t come easy for Swaggy C. “I worked hard man. You just grind and you start a business—you follow your passion and it just pops off.”

When TJ Millionaire Mentor asked him how he makes so much damn money, Swaggy elaborated: “I have a huge portfolio. You know, it starts with the stock market at its basic form. I trade stock market. I trade currencies. I trade crypto and indices.”

“I made money off of being a pure day trader, nothing else. I tried to focus and max out one thing. Once I got good and was making a great income, I was like, ‘Okay, I can leverage this,’ and I started posting [what I was doing] on YouTube for free.”

Of course, as the views went up, Swaggy C began to make money off of the ads that were being run throughout his videos. Later, he added links to merchandise, for another income stream.

Swaggy C Day Trades Stocks

Soon, his followers were asking for a step-by-step training. They wanted a blueprint they could follow to carbon copy Swaggy C’s day trading success.

That’s when he launched The Swag Academy. It’s a $499 video course covering topics such as: how to choose a broker, understanding how you’ll be taxed, limiting risk, proper mindset, deep fundamental analysis, reverse-engineering entries and exits, and more.

Despite his teachings, Swaggy admits maybe only 5% of day traders will come out ahead. Why? They want instant gratification. And, when it doesn’t come, they quit. Plain and simple.

You have to think about day trading like you do becoming good at a sport or going to college, Swaggy says. Think in terms of years, not, “Oh, I’ll work hard at this for four months and become a millionaire.”

In fact, Swaggy C says he “sucked” for three long years before he finally popped off. That’s why that first big win hits different, he explained.

Swaggy C Cars

“I was more excited to make my first $100,000 than my first million,” Swaggy said. “Because it took me a while to make that $100k. And when you go from five to six-figures, and you add that extra zero? That’s a whole different feeling.”

Not only that, but it was a tipping point. Once Swaggy C saw six figures, he couldn’t unsee it. He knew what worked. So he just did more of it. Next thing ya know, he’d made his first million. Then another. And another. Now he’s done more than $5 million, collectively, from all of his revenue streams combined.

One of his favorite toys to date is his matte-orange Tesla Model X. Swaggy’s all about its utility. It self-drives, which is handy if he’s busy, on his phone, making a trade. It’ll come pick him up when he comes outta the store.

Swaggy C Favorite Purchase

And of course, it’s got Ludicrous Mode, which YouTube sensation Graham Stephan showed us can do zero to sixty in a roller coaster-esque 2.6 seconds flat.

Anyhoo. After lifestyle and business expenses, oh and don’t forget taxes, Swaggy C has an approximate net worth of $2 million dollars, but it’s climbing fast.

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