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Million Dollar Coach Review (Taki Moore Or Less Sucks)

MillionDollarCoach.com Facebook Ad

Taki Moore, the self-proclaimed Million Dollar Coach, discovered a “new client pathway.” This, according to his latest Facebook ad. I’ll review it below.

But first, if you’d like an alternative to becoming a coach who coaches coaches (who coach coaches), watch this. It’s a case study my mentor did with another student, showing off our “virtual toll booth” business.

Okay, after clicking Taki’s sidebar ad, I’m taken to his opt-in page. Two things. One, if I don’t make an extra $30,000 per month as a business coach in the next three months, Taki, I’m not gonna be happy. Two, Hillary Clinton called. Wants her shirt back.

Taki Moore Marketing Funnel

Next, I clicked the gold “Get Free Training” button, entered my email, and was redirected to a private page where Taki and his shirt were waiting for me.

Taki Moore Video Training

I also got the following autoresponder in my inbox.


“(VIDEO) new client pathway”


Taki Moore


Hey Cory,

Thanks for much for registering for this free training! In it, I share the core ideas & strategies that helped us take 51 coaches to 7 figures last year.

The video itself is short & sweet but the teaching is killer, so make sure you check it out.

Click Here to watch the free training video now

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • The 9 accelerators to a 7-figure coaching business (And which one 97% of coaches should focus on now)
  • How to upgrade your lead flow from a trickle to a flood
  • 3 Keys to designing an effective New Client Pathway™

To watch the free training click here.

You’ll also see that this month we’re looking for 10 business coaches who want help to scale & grow your coaching business – is that you?

After you’ve watched the training, you’ll see a little magic button appear… If you want the info, click it and we’ll be in touch with more details.



More Clients
PO Box 1144
Newport Beach, NSW 2106

Now let’s see if this training’s any good, shall we? I press play and Taki dives right in, stating that the number one problem plaguing coaches is lead flow. (Or lack thereof.)

I appreciated him not wasting my time with a 15-minute “here’s who I am” speech. I also give him credit for finding a creative new way to present his information—an iPhone looking down on him drawing everything out manually.

Taki Coaching Business

Key number one, Taki says, is to simplify to multiply. You can’t scale clunky, complicated processes.

Key number two is a new client pathway. You want one offer for cold prospects entering the top of your funnel; a second offer to warm ’em up, mid-funnel; and a third offer for the “hot and hungry” crowd.

Once that’s taken care of, you need to optimize for consistent conversions. If you send 100 leads through the funnel today, and 100 tomorrow, the number of buyers it spits out should be about the same.

Key number three? Automate and amplify. Figure out your message and marketing with organic traffic first. Then, once that’s proven, turn on ads.

The video comes to a close with a sad story about Taki’s son and how figuring all this out helped him and his wife achieve the financial and time freedom to really be there for him.

Taki soft-pitches his programs—Black Belt, Boardroom, Business Coach Dojo, Online Crash Course Training, etc.—and asks you to fill out the questionnaire below the video to learn more.

Doing so will inevitably lead to an inbound sales call with Taki’s team. What does Taki Moore’s coaching cost? Guess you’ll have to book a “Free Scale Session” to find out. Plan on $10k to $12k though.

Worth it? Probably not. Coaching coaches (who coach coaches) is the new pyramid scheme.

It’s silly, saturated, and full of male models like Taki, Tanner, and Yahya, who make monetary promises they can’t keep (for the majority of their clients) and sell you success by looking the part.

From their fashion-forward outfits, to the picturesque places in which they create content, right down to the luxurious black-and-gold-colored-websites—what they can’t provide in actionable advice, they make up for with artful deception.

Take Taki’s video, for instance. Gorgeous, captivating, full of nice-sounding words and vague ideas, but zero utility.

Not only that, but I felt lied to. Where was the New Client Pathway? And did he really trademark that? Or is the “TM” he tacks on the end of it simply a little white lie to appear high-level?

Taki, bro, there’s literally no chance anyone could watch that video and add $30k/mo as a business coach in the next 90 days, like you promised. Consider me unhappy with your misleading marketing.

Interested in a far less competitive business model? One that you can be proud of? Marketed truthfully? If so, click the link below.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.