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Lil Tecca Net Worth

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Lil Tecca net worth: Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe, aka Lil Tecca, is a rapper with a net worth of $2.5 million dollars.  Here are 10 Tecca tidbits you might enjoy.

Lil Tecca Home

1. Lil Tecca’s birthday is August 26, 2002.  He was born and raised in Queens and later moved to Long Island where he attended Lawrence High School.  He is Jamaican.  And five-foot-nine-inches tall.  He has three sisters and one brother.

Lil Tecca Downtown

2. Lil Tecca was a loner in school and used to sit by himself at lunch.  He loved basketball and once dreamed of making it to the NBA.  Eventually he realized it would take far more work than he was willing to put in, and switched gears to focus on music.  Rapping was the only other thing he could see himself doing.

Lil Tecca Hair

3. Lil Tecca began rapping on accident.  He and his friends would play Call of Duty on Xbox Live and talk trash to one another.  One time in particular he roasted his friend especially good and thought, “You know what, screw it.  I’m gonna record myself doing this.”

Lil Tecca Couch

4. So Lil Tecca hopped on his sister’s computer, downloaded Audacity and recorded a one minute diss, over a free beat, clowning on the shape of his friend’s head.  He then uploaded the diss track to SoundCloud, and voila—his music career was born.

Lil Tecca Convenient Store

5. Lil Tecca had hoped he’d be rich and famous before his parents found out he was rapping, but his sister—who had found some of his work on her computer—ratted him out.  He was worried they wouldn’t approve of some of the lyrics, and he was right, but they still supported him.

Lil Tecca Sleepy

6. Growing up in a Jamaican household had a big impact on his overall sound.  His parents were always playing their native music around the house, and you can feel that Jamaican influence in many of Lil Tecca’s songs.  On that note, Lil Tecca’s favorite food is curried goat.

Lil Tecca Buying Out Mall

7. In terms of hip-hop, Lil Tecca’s “top five” are as follows: Speaker Knockerz, Chief Keef, Al Capone, Lil Uzi Vert, and Gunna.

Lil Tecca Girlfriend

8. How did Lil Tecca get his rap name?  Simple.  “I saw some girl with the name Tecca on the ’gram, and I was like, ‘That’s fire,’ so I just took it,” he explained.

Lil Tecca Rooftop

9. Lil Tecca does not drink or smoke weed.  He goes to the studio with water, and that’s it.  So what’s his approach to making music?  He’ll play a beat and give himself two minutes to come up with an opening line.  If he can’t do it, he’ll find another beat and keep going till something clicks.  The fastest he’s ever made a new song, start to finish, is 30 minutes.

Lil Tecca Poolside

10. Lil Tecca is clearly his own man.  He has no tattoos.  His fashion style is polar opposite to most young rappers.  He once took his mom on tour for a week.  He skipped senior prom.  His Plan B, if music didn’t work out, was becoming a heart surgeon.  And he’s totally okay with you calling him a nerd.

Lil Tecca Performing

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