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Terms Of Service

By browsing this website you are hereby agreeing to the following terms.  Which, by the way, are legally binding.  After reading, if you’re not in agreement, do not use this website.


You’ll use this website and follow the rules and regulations listed.  You will not treat the content within this website as anything other than entertainment.  Nothing we say should replace the advice of experts.  We reserve the right to “show you the door” at any time and for any reason.  In the unlikely event this happens, you’ll be notified via email.  You may not plagiarize, but you’re welcome to summarize and cite (with a clickable link) any helpful information you find.  Anything you purchase is for your eyes only; and if you’re caught sharing or reselling, we will be butt-hurt.


Once again, even though the subject matter is all about making your first (or next) one million dollars, all content should be treated as entertainment only.  No Millyuns owners, employees, independent contractors, partners, affiliates, guest writers, or external websites we link to shall be liable for losses, financial or other.


We may, on occasion, link to or recommend other products, programs, or services that pay us a commission or reward us, in some other way, for doing so.  We’ll make sure to disclose this whenever applicable.  Know that biases will exist and always do your due diligence.


Should you have any questions or concerns about our Terms Of Service, go ahead and email us.