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Young Thug Net Worth

How Much Young Thug Make

Young Thug net worth: Jeffery Lamar Williams, who goes by Young Thug, is a rapper with a net worth of $9 million dollars.  Here are 10 truths about his life so far.

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1. Young Thug was born on August 16, 1991.  He has 10 brothers and sisters.  One brother is doing time for murder; another was shot to death.  Thug grew up in the projects of Atlanta.  The same neighborhood Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, Ludacris and PeeWee Longway grew up in.

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2. Thug says he was “in the streets” fighting, gambling and committing petty crimes at “eight, nine years old.”  In sixth grade, he claims he was kicked out of school for breaking his teacher’s arm.  He then spent four years in juvie.

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3. Young Thug calls Lil Wayne his idol.  Honorable mentions include fellow Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, who first signed him, along with Kanye West.  He now has his own label, YSL Records, which Gunna is signed to.

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4. He’s known for working fast, often coming up with lyrics on the spot.  Rather than writing down verses, he doodles shapes and signs which somehow organize his thoughts.  Thug says he’s in the studio, experimenting, nonstop.  He admits he can’t sing, but tries to anyway.

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5. His music is polarizing.  Some think his eccentric delivery is pure genius.  Others call him a “rap weirdo.”  Nonetheless, Young Thug believes in himself.  He once told The Fader: “I’m totally different.  Gucci tells me that all the time.  I can rap about anything.  I can make a song about the floor.  Could have an eight-bar hook and a 12-bar verse in eight minutes.  Anything.”

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6. He once had a strange beef with French Montana after French claimed he had more “anthems” than Kendrick Lamar.  Thug took to social media to defend Kendrick, which didn’t sit well with French.  They traded personal barbs back-and-forth.  French blasted Thug for wearing skirts and lipstick.  Thug accused French of wearing fake jewelry and threatened to release video footage of French getting knocked out.  Eventually, on a podcast with Fat Joe, French backtracked, saying there “wasn’t no real beef.”

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7. Young Thug prefers to wear women’s clothing.  He’s been overheard calling some of his best male friends “lover” and “hubbie.”  The media has labeled him androgynous, gender fluid—even a “rap hippie.”  He is often compared to Prince.  Thug once announced he was changing his name to “SEX.”

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8. Young Thug has a long list of legal troubles.  He has been sued multiple times for not showing up to concerts.  He was accused of battery—allegedly slapping a woman who was fighting with his fiancée outside of a club.  The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.  Later, felony charges for possession of cocaine and firearms were also dropped, as the police had searched Thug’s home without a warrant.  Most recently, Young Thug was hit with possession of generic Xanax, amphetamine, codeine and a firearm; as well as intent to distribute meth, generic Vicodin and weed.

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9. Young Thug had his first child at 17.  He now has six, total, with four different mothers.  He was once engaged to long-time girlfriend Jerrika Karlae, a social media influencer who now dabbles in music herself.  Thugger bought an 11,000+ square foot Atlanta party pad (complete with movie theater, full bar and four-car garage) for $2.75 million in 2016.  After getting sued for not making payments, he dumped it for a $950k loss and counter-sued, saying his agent conspired to sell him a money pit.

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10. Young Thug has done some philanthropy work to help fight poverty.  He once gifted Planned Parenthood his entire proceeds from a sold-out concert, Tweeting: “I was a teenage parent.  Planned+unplanned parenthood is beautiful.”

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