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TJ Millionaire Mentor Net Worth, House Tour

Todd Johnson Entrepreneur

Todd Johnson aka TJ Millionaire Mentor has made a fortune in businesses ranging from IT to info marketing, hospitality to commercial construction, retail to real estate investing, and beyond.

TJ was born in Cayce, South Carolina, just outside of Columbia. He was raised by a single mom and grew up poor.

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The first job he ever had was mowing and raking lawns. He would go door to door to drum up new business. This taught him how to hustle and be resourceful. The money he earned made him feel independent—something that still drives him to this day.

At age 17, TJ joined the Air Force. He began taking college classes at night, studying computer science. Not long after, he started building computers and selling them.

He made some money, but it was a lot of work and more customer support than he could handle. In the end, it wouldn’t matter. Companies like Dell and Gateway came along and ate his lunch.

Next, TJ got a job for a telecommunications company. He worked third shift, offering support at the service desk.

“I didn’t find it very challenging or upwardly mobile,” he said in an interview with Entrepreneur, “so I did everything I could to learn more about technology by working with other departments.”

“Since I didn’t start work until 3pm, I would come in at 10 a.m. and volunteer in other departments. I worked with the network, app development and system operations teams and gained a lot of experience that I otherwise would have never gotten. Eventually, I started making improvements to our flagship system,” he continued.

“I built a friendlier user interface, integrated with our call system and started creating useful reports. After that, I was given responsibility for the system and started helping and collaborating with other users outside of my company.”

“I eventually got recruited to work for a government contractor and made more of a name for myself in the community with that system. This led me to start my first sustainable business, Intact Technology, Inc. That was $50 million, and 25 years, ago.”

How wealthy is Todd Johnson?

TJ Millionaire Mentor Lambo SUV

As of today, TJ’s net worth is estimated at $75 million dollars. He attributes his success to four things: vision, focus, execution and grit. He’s passionate about using YouTube and social media to “edutain” the next generation of entrepreneurs.

TJ’s goal is to help tens of thousands “start and grow businesses that allow them to achieve greater financial security, a more flexible lifestyle and better quality of life.”

“If I spend the rest of my professional life in hot pursuit of this goal, my spirit will be full of joy and I will have done something very special with my life,” he said.

Touring TJ Millionaire Mentor’s mansion

As sick as it is, he calls it “Humble Manor” because he’s surrounded by even bigger homes… owned by people who are even richer than him.

“I’m just getting started,” he says in the video. “Am I gonna celebrate the wins along the way? Yes! And so should you. But we gotta stay humble. We gotta know that there’s other places that we can get to.”

“There’s other levels of success. There’s more people that we can impact. There’s more value that we can bring to this world,” he explains.

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