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Lil Tjay Net Worth

Net Worth Lil Tjay King

Lil Tjay net worth: Tione Jayden Merritt, known as Lil Tjay, is a rapper with a net worth of nearly $1 million dollars.  Here are 10 things I learned about him.

Lil Tjay Under Bridge1. Lil Tjay’s birthday is April 30, 2001.  He’s from The Bronx.  His parents are from Ghana.

Lil Tjay Vegas

2. Drake and Meek Mill are the two hip hop artists who shaped his style the most.  Lil Tjay sprinkles Spanish into his songs and Auto-Tunes his hooks.

Lil Tjay Rolls Royce

3. He spent a little over a year in juvie for robbery.  It was a blessing in disguise.  With no distractions, Lil Tjay was able to sit down and write the songs that would launch his career.  As soon as he got out, he uploaded his work to SoundCloud, and things took off from there.

Money In Hand Lil Tjay

4. Lil Tjay is about as close as it comes to an overnight success.  The very first song he put on SoundCloud, “Resume,” went viral, racking up thousands of listens in a matter of days.

How Rich Is Lil Tjay

5. Even as a kid, he knew he’d be a famous artist of some sort.  He didn’t know it’d be rapping or singing, nor did he have a plan—just that he’d be in the public eye somehow.

Lil Tjay Get The Bag

6. When record labels began showing interest, his teenage friends would attend meetings with him for moral support.  Sooner or later he got a lawyer and signed with Columbia Records, making him label mates with Beyoncé.

Lil Tjay Tour

7. He’s got some pop and R&B in him.  Growing up, his mom would listen to Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Usher, and Lil Tjay would sing along.  After sampling Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” some started calling him the “Bronx Justin Bieber.”  Others say he’s a “hip hop heartthrob.”  Lil Tjay has said he plans on making straight R&B songs, as well as “songs for the girls” in the future.

Lil Tjay Private Jet

8. He thinks long-term.  “I won’t drop an album until it’s perfect.  A lot of albums got two or three singles but the rest is caca.  I want every song on it to be a hit.  My whole life I wanted something more—I didn’t get here just to be broke at 28.  I have plans: vocal lessons, dance lessons, on some Usher sh*t,” he confessed to Pitchfork.

Lil Tjay Purple Background

9. He’s paranoid that any girl who shows interest in him is clout-chasing.

Lil Tjay Diamond Concert

10. To appreciate how young he is, consider this: he’s never heard of Napster.

Lil Tjay Mic Drop

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