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Don Toliver Net Worth

How Rich Is Don Toliver

Don Toliver net worth: Caleb Zackery “Don” Toliver is a rapper with a net worth of nearly $1 million dollars.  Here are 10 things every Don Toliver fan oughta know.

Don Toliver Smoking Up

1. Don’s date of birth is June 12, 1994.  He’s from Houston, TX.  Growing up, his parents would jam out to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Sade, Maxwell—even OutKast and Justin Timberlake.  He’s been hooked on music ever since.

Balcony Ballin Don Toliver

2. He burst onto the scene after his song “No Idea” went viral on TikTok.

Don Toliver Astroworld

3. Toliver teamed up with fellow Houstonian Travis Scott to make a track called “Can’t Say” for Travis’ Astroworld album.  Once that dropped, everyone knew the name Don Toliver.

Don Toliver Travis Scott

4. The next day, Travis Scott announced he had signed Don to his label, Cactus Jack Records.  Other “JackBoys” include Sheck Wes, Luxury Tax and Scott’s DJ, Chase B.

Don Toliver Parking Lot

5. Eminem featured him on a song called “No Regrets,” and said that Toliver was “dope as f*ck.”

Don Toliver Houston

6. Other notable collaborations include: Migos members Offset and Quavo, Sheck Wes, of course, and Wiz Khalifa.

NYC Don Toliver Red Coat

7. Toliver will open for The Weeknd on his upcoming 2020 tour titled The After Hours Tour.  Dates are currently being rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Don Toliver The Weeknd

8. When he was in Hawaii with Travis Scott and company, working on “Can’t Say,” he earned a new nickname: “Donolulu.”

Don Toliver Onstage

9. He elaborated in an interivew with Highsnobiety, saying: “Donolulu really serious to me man, and I’m really thinking about taking that name to another level.  I’m not gonna say too much, but Donolulu is serious and it really represents a vibe that I might not be able to feel again.  It was my first time in a living situation with Travis Scott, and I made some of the best music I ever made in my life out there.  We were in a glass mansion on the water.  I think he kind of ruined my Hawaii experience, because if I go back and I’m not in a glass mansion, I might not like it the same.”

Don Toliver Tesla Truck

10. In terms of who he’d like to create music with in the future, he told Complex: “I’ve definitely got to get some real heavy work in with Pharrell soon.  Got to tap back into those early 2000 days.  You know I need that N.E.R.D. vibe in my life, man.  And I definitely want to tap in with some of the real, real, real legends.”

Don Toliver Cactus Jack

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