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Virtual Toll Booths Review, FAQs, Example

Virtual Toll Booths Case Study

Virtual Toll Booths is the name of my mentor’s coaching program. It comes with training, software, support, events, outsourcing and more. You would need $1,000 to join.

As of today, he has 6,732 members. Yet, you’ve never heard of it. Nobody but me is talking about it. Why? It’s simple. He has no desire to be a guru. He doesn’t want to be internet famous or annoy you with nonstop YouTube ads.

Plus, he doesn’t teach paid traffic. So why use it to enroll people? Wouldn’t that be hypocritical?

Therefore, each sale must be earned, organically, by ranking in Google. And since that’s how you found me, well, you’re a product of the process. You’re here because it works.

But why’s he call it Virtual Toll Booths? Right? Because it’s the perfect analogy. Imagine a toll booth. Only, pretend each car is a customer. Each road, a referral. And every time someone passes through, you make a few bucks.

Who pays you? Businesses. They want more people calling, emailing, requesting a quote, walking in the door. That’s what you’ll give ’em.

What types of businesses? Any, but our bread and butter is service-based businesses in small to mid-sized cities. Why? You’ll make the most money from the least amount of work.

What I’m doing here, for example, is much more competitive. I’m going up against millions of websites. It’s tougher. Takes longer. And there’s a lot more work involved.

Till you’re advanced, like me, you typically wanna start with low-hanging fruit. Things like:

  • Pool deck resurfacing Carlsbad, California
  • Kitchen hood cleaning Arlington, Texas
  • Snow removal Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 24 hour towing Rochester, New York

Here, you only have to beat out a small number of businesses who offer that exact service in that particular city. And, no offense, but none of them know what they’re doing. So it’s like clubbing baby seals.

And, think about it. There are thousands of different types of businesses. Multiplied by thousands of cities worldwide you could do this in. That’s millions of niches. So saturation’s not gonna be an issue. Not in our lifetime anyway.

Still, if it works so well, why tell you? I’ll be honest: money. And anyone who says otherwise is lying. “I just wanna give back.” (Shut the actual f*ck up. No you don’t!)

It’s always about money. At least we can admit it. And why be ashamed of that? If what we’re doing actually works—for the average person—who cares?

And that’s what makes Virtual Toll Booths different: our sh*t just flat-out works. Again, you wouldn’t be here if it didn’t.

But let me show you an even easier example—one you could see yourself doing. Starting from scratch. With no prior experience. Even if you hate writing. Aren’t technical. And have little time to devote to this. Alright?

Let’s take a look at a “virtual toll booth” another student made in a niche you never would’ve thought of: popcorn ceiling removal. Okay?

So do me a favor. Open up a new incognito window. Make sure you’re not signed into Gmail or YouTube or anything Google owns. This way, you’ll get unbiased search results.

Now Google the following phrase:

  • popcorn ceiling removal New York City

You should see his “toll booth” at the top of the Maps listing as well as the organic section.

Virtual Toll Booth Example

If you click on either listing, you’ll come to his website. It’ll look like so:

VTB Website

Ugly, huh? Hell, he doesn’t even have the About page or the Contact page filled in. But it doesn’t matter.

This little drag-and-drop website, which he made in a single day and ranked in under two weeks, averages 160 new leads a month. That’s emails plus calls.

The drywall contractor he’s sending ’em to pays him $4 per lead. So that’s $640 per month. But get this: he hasn’t had to touch it in over a year! We call that mailbox money.

And with no ad spend, he pockets almost all of that. His only expenses for this “virtual toll booth” are the domain, hosting, and the local tracking phone number—let’s call it $40 per month, total. Meaning, his net is $600 per month.

But what happens if the business owner stops paying? No worries. He’ll just make a new deal with a different drywall contractor in NYC. And, in just a few clicks, reroute the leads to them instead.

See what I’m saying? So once it’s up and running, each “toll booth” should pay you, every 30 days, for years to come. My mentor’s personal best is nine years—and counting!

Now think about duplication. He can clone that site and run it back in another city. And then do it again and again and again. Or, he could pick a new niche altogether. The options are endless.

Oh, and my mentor can get you a local phone number for almost any city in any country. He’s also got the software that tracks and forwards every incoming email and call. It can even bill the business owner, in real-time, for each lead that comes through.

All of it’s included when you join Virtual Toll Booths. No one else is teaching this, let alone providing the tools and tech to automate everything.

Imagine having dozens of these out there, going to work all day every day, so you don’t have to. You don’t have to talk to anyone but the business owner. And even that can be done via email, text, private message, whatever’s clever. (I see you, introverts.)

Speaking of which, allow me to address the elephant in the room. ‘Cause this is all fine and dandy, but unless you can convince a business owner to pay you, it’s all for nothing, right? So how do you go about that? Cold calling? Door knocking? God no!

My mentor suggests you give results in advance. Pick your niche, setup the site, get it ranked, get the leads coming in, then simply hand out samples. Like the nice old lady at Costco. As in, “Here, try these leads. If you want more, let’s talk.” Let ’em sell themselves.

It’s brilliant. Especially since most of these business owners have been burned by SEO companies and Facebook ad agencies in the past. What better way to overcome their skepticism than to serve ’em some customers on a pretty pink platter?

Now I know what you’re thinking. If it’s so easy, why wouldn’t they just do it themselves? Ah, good question. I’ll tell you why.

First of all, some do. They join Virtual Toll Booths and use the training and software to grow their own business. And so should you, if you’re up for the challenge.

But most want no part of it. They’re busy wearing a million other hats. They don’t have the time or energy to mess around with all this “internet stuff.” And since every dollar they pay you makes ’em three, four, sometimes five times that much back? It’s kind of a no-brainer. Make sense?

So you’re helping small businesses and the communities they serve. You’re making a difference. You’re proud of what you’re doing.

And, perhaps best of all, it’s recession and pandemic-proof. Think about it. In tough times, local businesses need customers more than ever in order to keep their doors open. This skillset can reward you, handsomely, for the rest of your life.

No one can yank the rug out from under you, like they can with other business models. (I’m looking at you, Amazon.) You own and control each “virtual toll booth.” You call the shots. It’s a real business. And you get paid like it.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, watch every video on this page.

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