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5 Fabulous Jeff And Jessica Samis Pics

Jessica Birthday Jeff Tie

Celebrating Jessica’s birthday – on that Hov and Bey vibe, son.

Jeffrey Jessica Snorkel Bahamas

Snorkeling in The Bahamas – five bucks says Jeff was peein’ when this was taken.  #AllOuttaF*cks

Jeff Jess Meeko Luxury

Lookin’ luxurious with The Profit League mascot, Meeko… aka the million dollar dog.

Jess Jeff Sushi Night

Date night: a lil’ sashimi and bubbly for Mr. and Mrs. Samis.

Jeff Jessica Glasses Vegas Pool

Sittin’ poolside in Sin City… caked in SPF-shut-yo-mouth-and-bring-us-an-umbrella-drink-and-make-it-quick.

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