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TribeFit.co Reviews, Cost, Concerns


TribeFit cofounders Chris Lynton and Andrew Benikos say you only need three things for a successful online fitness business. To find out what they are plus learn how to land dream online training clients, they’d like you to sign up for their free workshop.

Before I talk TribeFit.co reviews and pricing options, though, you should check out this case study. My mentor and another one of his students will show you how to stack digital rent money.

Perfect for personal trainers

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Alright, I went ahead and clicked on TribeFit’s Facebook ad and entered my email to receive their tell-all video. Shortly after, I got the following message in my inbox.


re: 10 new clients


Chris Lynton [TribeFit.Co]


Hey, Chris here.

Here is the link to the video training.

On the training I’d shows the EXACT & PROVEN steps trainers from around the world are using to start & get 10+ high paying online PT clients fast and without the confusion!

And EXACTLY how they’re doing it including how….

Oli went from 2-3 low paying clients to 20+ high paying clients in six weeks & now gone on to 100+ high paying active clients in less than 8 months..

Carly signed up 25 clients in her first month

And Scott in 13 months has started from scratch online to a $70k mth and most importantly gained more freedom and control with his life and business options!

I’ll be taking the replay down soon so jump on and have a watch.

Training replay

Enjoy the replay!

Talk soon


PS: After the training if you want to jump on a call with me I’ll be able to estimate the potential revenue for your business. But… This doesn’t mean that you click your fingers and your fairy godmother will make it all happen.

If the time is right for you to make it happen, and your ok with some work getting it built then I can help.

Here’s it is:

Click here to book your free call

Please don’t interpret any of this email as some sort of promise of future earnings or an indication that you can click your fingers and money will magically appear. I’ve been doing this for basically my entire working life, and It took me a long time to figure this out. I’ve helped a bunch of people get great results… but it took hard work. If you’re looking for magic pills I’m not your dealer.

Chris Lynton

PO Box 147
Sutherland , Sydney
NSW 1499, Australia

Let’s hope Chris is better at coaching fitness coaches than grammar. I’ll press play and see if this “video workshop” is worth a damn.

The truth about TribeFit

Tribe Fit PT Freedom System

Chris begins by promising to cover the exact and proven steps for signing up high-paying, highly-motivated clients, fast, and without the confusion. Even if you’re not Insta-famous; hate tech; or you’re a total newbie.

He then says there’s three key shifts you need to make in order to be successful, but forgets to mention what they are.

The presentation is littered with cheesy stock photos, overused quotes, and obvious advice like “stop training clients one-on-one.”

Just when I think the entire video is going to be as useless as Chris Dufey’s Coaches Cartel, Chris Lynton finally gets into some specifics. For example, the fee structure to earn $10k per month while working only 15 hours per week.

A smarter approach to online training

Tribe Fit Math

And, more important, how you’ll get there. Even if it is just your basic high ticket funnel rebranded as something unique to TribeFit.co.

The $10k/mo personal trainer freedom funnel

TribeFit.co PT Freedom Funnel

Overall? Yawn. Chris did nothing during that 40-ish minute workshop to excite me or convince me that he knew anything other than basic internet marketing skills that he probably picked up from other courses.

As usual, he doesn’t mention how much his “90 Day Tribe Fit Online Coach Freedom System” costs. You’d have to book a strategy call to find out. Based on his competitors’ programs, my guess is around $7,000 with pay plans available.

Verdict? Going off what I saw, I would not recommend TribeFit.co. You could watch more of our videos, for free, model what you see, and perhaps get to $10k a month.

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