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Ty Dolla Sign Net Worth

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Ty Dolla Sign net worth: Tyrone William Griffin Jr., who goes by Ty Dolla Sign (styled Ty Dolla $ign or Ty$), is an R&B artist with a net worth of $4 million dollars. Let’s play some Ty trivia, shall we? Scroll down.

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1. Ty Dolla Sign’s birthday is April 13, 1982. Hew grew up in Los Angeles, California. His dad, Tyrone Griffin, was in a band called Lakeside. He taught Ty how to play the bass guitar. Ty later learned the drums, keyboards, and workstations which allowed him to sample and sequence music.

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2. Ty Dolla Sign has a sister named Angel Gold and a brother, who goes by Big TC, who is currently locked up for a crime Ty is adamant he did not commit. Ty finished high school remotely, via homeschooling. As a teen, he joined the Bloods gang.

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3. As a kid, Ty was introduced to bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and artists such as Prince, thanks to his dad’s connections. As a result, Ty became obsessed with soul music. Today, he lists Kim Burrell and Brandy as his two favorite vocalists and Tupac as his all-time favorite artist.

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4. Ty Dolla Sign doesn’t consider himself a rapper. “People would call it rap, but I really don’t feel like I rap,” he says. “There’s so many great rappers, like if we had to battle or some sh*t, they would just cream me. I don’t really consider myself a rapper, I just happen to have bars, or something like that. I still sing man, I’m a singer, ya feel me?” (Contemporary R&B it is then.)

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5. How did Ty Dolla Sign get his name? “My homie Ace just started calling me ‘Dolla Sign’ every time he saw me so I named myself Ty Dolla $ign because you know, I’m young and I’m rich. For legal purposes they had to spell it out. If it was up to me, it would just be Ty with the dollar sign—like my logo,” he explains.

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6. As for other rappers using the dollar sign in their names, Ty had this to say: “I’m the original. I’m the real dollar sign. Everybody else… I don’t know what y’all are gonna do once there’s a million dollar signs, just like there’s a million ‘lil’s’ and a million ‘baby’s’ and ‘dogg’s.’ But there’s only one Snoop Dogg, there’s only one Ty Dolla $ign, there’s only one YG. Let’s get it. I want to be Ty Dolla $ign forever. The superstar—until I die.”

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7. Ty Dolla Sign got his first tattoo at age 14—a treble clef, which he drew himself, just below his shoulder on his left arm. He later tattooed over it because it was “wack.” His mom, who he says is very traditional, did not approve of the ink. Clearly, that didn’t stop Ty from adding more and more. His favorite pieces are portraits of his family, and of course, his signature “Dolla Sign” across his neck. The ones on his fingers, he said, were the most painful to get.

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8. Ty Dolla Sign is a member of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Entertainment. He also has his own sub-label, called The MVMNT, under Atlantic Records. A proud pothead, Ty has also dabbled in the weed business.

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9. Ty Dolla Sign has recently got back into reading. He considers Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now one of the most impactful books he’s ever read. After years of grinding and always looking ahead, it’s taught him to stay present in the moment and appreciate what’s happening right now.

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10. Ty Dolla Sign allegedly hooked up with Kylie Jenner back in 2016. He has a daughter named Jailynn Crystal. He dated singer/songwriter and former member of girl group Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui, from 2017 to 2019. Not much is known about his new girlfriend, Zalia.

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