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The Silva Ultramind System Review: Mindvalley Malarkey?

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“Of all the books on my bookshelf, there’s one book that I picked up 14 years ago that dramatically changed my life,” says Mindvalley CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, in an overview video for The Silva Ultramind System.

“As a teenager, it started making me who I am; and it got me obsessed with personal growth. And that book was by José Silva. It was based on The Silva Method—the original mind science system that transformed so many of the greatest spiritual teachers in the United States.”

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“Silva Method led to everything else, including my growth in my life and me founding Mindvalley. I’m so delighted that now, after two decades going deep with The Silva Method and working with the family and legacy of José Silva, Mindvalley is updating and bringing The Silva Method out to a whole new generation,” he continues.

“In this new program, The Silva Ultramind System, it’s one of the most transformative personal growth programs I’ve ever experienced.”

“Let me explain why. So many people talk about meditation. They talk about manifesting. But José Silva fine-tuned it with science, testing it out on some six million Silva graduates between the 1970s to 1990s.”

“Every technique in this program is distilled and refined down to provide absolute results and power.”

So what will Vishen teach you inside The Silva Ultramind System?

Vishen Speaks On Stage

“In this program, what you’re going to learn is how to access altered states of mind: alpha—for creativity, for healing your body, for rejuvenation of your health; theta—to source creativity and ideas, to turn on ‘waking psychic potential’; delta—where you connect with higher intelligence and learn to tap into something greater than yourself, to remove all obstacles.”

“The end result? Your life flows with an ease, with a grace. Problems become projects that you can then access your altered states to resolve. And this puts your ability to manifest, to move towards your dreams, on overdrive.”

“I’m sure you have a big list of goals you want to accomplish. You have things you want to change in the world. Nothing I have found in my 20 years in this field has given me the ability to move towards my visions, move towards my goals… as much as The Silva Ultramind System.”

“I took this class in 2002 and it utterly transformed my life. And now I cannot wait to bring these lessons out to you,” he finishes with a smile.

The Silva Ultramind System is a four-part, 12-hour video training. There are three audio bonuses that come with it. Over 150,000 Mindvalley members have already taken it.

What’s it cost? You can get a Single Quest Access for one payment of $399 or three payments of $149; or you can do the Mindvalley All Access pass (which unlocks everything else they offer) for $599 per year. Either way, you’ve got 15 days to request a refund.

But why not just buy José Silva’s book?

Joe Silva Ultramind

You can download the audiobook off Google Play for $7.95. Or, here’s an idea: stop looking for silver bullets and instead, start learning real skills and get to work.

You do realize there’s no evidence Silva’s system provides any sort of benefit outside of a possible placebo effect, don’t you? And that Silva, himself, discouraged any testing that could prove the validity of his teachings?

I mean, if that’s not telling, I don’t know what is. And if this worked as advertised, don’t you think you would’ve heard of it by now? C’mon.

In my opinion, Vishen Lakhiani is a total fraud. He’s making millions selling hocus-pocus products to a bunch of lazy-minded individuals who’d rather sit around and think about success than experience the discomfort of actually going out and pursuing it.

Don’t give this digital snake oil salesman your hard-earned money. Wake up, people. Mindvalley’s empire was built by monetizing mental masturbation.

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