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7 Things I Love About Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone Companies

1) He’s my wealthiest uncle.  By far.  With a net worth of: none of your damn business.

2) He peed on platitudes about “work-life balance” and made “obsession” and “10X-ing” cool.  Too cool, in fact.  To the point where, if you tell me you help entrepreneurs 10X their business, I feel sad for you.

3) He’s the epitome of consistency.  Nobody’s gonna out-output Grant Cardone.

4) Is it just me or does dude get better looking with age?  Like, a lot better?  And that’s inspiring – AF – considering how much he’s got goin’ on.  I mean, he’s busier than a one-eyed dog in a smokehouse.

5) His wife looks like Angelina Jolie.  Before she got all old and skinny and weird.  Like Tomb Raider days.  Ya know?  Hot enough to where you might consider hiring someone to watch you watch her.

6) He supports Scientology.  Which, let’s be honest, was only invented so Mormons had someone to make fun of.  But my point is, everyone’s always sayin’ how they don’t give a f*ck what other people think – when, clearly, they do – but Cardone may actually be fresh outta f*cks with this one.  If not, he’s running dangerously low.  Quick, someone with some spare f*cks hand him one – just in case he needs it.

7) This mofo bought a jet then made a shirt talmbout: “You can fake a Lambo, but you can’t fake a jet.”  Dem’s fightin’ words for many a marketer.  Pretty funny.

For these reasons and more I love me some Grant Cardone.

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