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Unleashed CEO System Review (Richard Shaull)

Unleashed Academy Ad

“What if you really could become the CEO of your company?” asks Richard Shaull in his latest YouTube ad, “and be free to do what you love, leading a team you trust, and ultimately, making an impact and a profit.”

If that sounds swell, he’s got a free training with your name on it. It’ll show you how to scale your service-based business from six to seven figures by mastering your strategy, systems and team—without babysitting or burnout.

I’ll review his Unleashed CEO System below, but first, peep this case study my mentor and one of his students filmed. It’ll show you, click-by-click, how to create recurring income by sending small businesses more customers.

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Cool, so I clicked Richard’s ad, opted-in, and got the following message:


The Unleashed CEO System awaits you.


Richard Shaull


Cory, ask and you shall receive, as the saying goes.

In case you didn’t have a chance to watch this short training I created on the 3 Simple Steps in the Unleashed CEO system, check it out here.

In This Short Video, You’ll Discover…

The Trap Keeping You Burned Out AND the Bottleneck On Your Business.

The Secret To Designing Simple Systems That Buy Back Your Time Without Ever Having To Touch A Tech Platform.

​How To Attract, Hire and Keep A-Player Talent and Empower Them To Be A Self-Managing Team You Can Trust.

Over the next few days I’ll also be sending you some of our best business building tools so be on the lookout.

I’m thrilled you’re continuing your journey towards a healthy 7 Figure Business without burnout. I’ll be the first to admit it’s not an overnight journey, but with the keys found in this training, you’ll find yourself succeeding quickly.

I hope you find the process as rewarding as I did (and still am)!

In your service,


PS) If in need hands-on help installing the systems and team you need to scale, here’s one way I can assist:

Learn more here!

1720 Wood St
Lansing, Michigan 48912

The link in the email takes me to the free training Richard had promised.

Unleashed CEO overview

Richard Shaull Unleashed Academy

Observation number one? This dude loves alliteration even more than I do.

“Identify your perfect patron’s painful problem and use your proven process to take ’em to the promised land,” he said in one slide. (Peter Piper would be proud.)

Observation number two? I don’t vibe with him at all. While he’s smart and passionate, I feel like he’s one of those guys who takes simple things and makes them more complicated.

Like, I watched the entire video and I still don’t really know what he does. (Helps you hire better people? If so, why not just say that?)

Third, this is not for you if you’re just starting out. Richard makes it clear: you should only book a “7-Figure Business Scaling Call” if you’re doing $10k or more per month.

That probably means his CEO system ain’t cheap. It could easily cost $8k to $12k.

Fourth, I think the question you gotta ask is: should you really build a bigger team in order to scale? Or should you just sell something that’s much more scalable to begin with?

“Does such a thing exist?” you ask. Why yes, it does. Click the link below and read every word.

ALTERNATIVE: A Business You Can Scale All By Yourself

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