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Real Estate Unleashed Review (Vanda Martin)

VandaMartin.com Facebook Ad

Vanda Martin knows why the top 10% of real estate agents hog 90% of the business. And, according to her latest FB ad, she can show you how to join them.

I’ll review her Real Estate Unleashed program below. But first, ever considered internet real estate? Watch this case study to see what I mean.

After clicking Vanda’s ad, she asks me to opt-in to learn how to close more real estate deals, grow my biz, and own my schedule—fast! I’ll enter my email and see what she has to say.

Real Estate Breakthrough Vanda Martin

After doing that, I was taken to a hidden page with Vanda’s video at the top, and a big blue button below it, asking me to apply for Real Estate Unleashed.

Vanda Martin Webinar

The video starts and Vanda pulls me in with her thick accent and picture-perfect smile. She explains how she sold real estate for 20 years, selling more than 100 homes a year, on average. She later transitioned to mentoring, which she’s now done for 10 years.

Her clientele ranges from new agents looking to land their first few deals, to some of the nation’s top agents (and teams) who wish to stay razor-sharp.

“You can be sure I know this business inside and out,” Vanda says, grinning ear to ear, before getting into the meat of the content.

If you want to be truly successful, you must block out productive, focused time and stick with your plan. Find your money activities, allocate the right amount of time to work on them each day, and fully commit to that schedule, Vanda says matter-of-factly.

This is where a powerful routine and daily rituals make all the difference. Taking command of your schedule is the key that unlocks accomplishment, she continues.

Next, as a real estate agent, your number one goal must be to set more appointments and sign up more clients. To do this, you must be able to generate leads on demand.

Not only that, but you need multiple proven methods to ensure your pipeline stays full at all times: flyers, cold calling, open houses, door knocking, mailers, email campaigns, and of course, social media.

But take a scientific approach, Vanda warns. Track and evaluate how each method is performing and adjust accordingly. Cut the losers and double-down on the winners.

Waiting—with fingers crossed—for referrals, by the way, is not the way, Vanda says.

Don’t be a real estate “grinder.” Always fighting an uphill battle. Making money every once in a while, but struggling the majority of the time.

Rather, be a “superstar.” An agent who seemingly makes more and more money, all while working less and less. And don’t think you’re either born a superstar or you’re not. It comes down to skills, systems, and strategies.

And, as you may have guessed, if you’re ready to become a superstar—to crack the code and explode your real estate business once and for all—Vanda’s coaching program is definitely one option.

Real Estate Unleashed is a comprehensive six week course that walks you through everything you need to know to dominate your market. You also get lifetime access to Vanda’s private community of real estate winners, plus coaching and hand-holding from her team.

How much does Real Estate Unleashed cost? You’d need to book a strategy session to find out. Usually, it’s in the neighborhood of $4k to $7k though.

My opinion? While I got good vibes from Vanda, I prefer pitches with more specifics, more actionable advice, and at least some proof of the concepts discussed actually working.

The best example I’ve come across so far is Greg Luther. When I watched his free training for real estate agents, it was chock-full of usable content and real-world examples. As a result, he earned my full trust.

A distant runner up would be Aarin Chung’s Community Influencer presentation. Not as compelling as Greg’s, but a lot more specific than Vanda Martin’s training. And more focused on online marketing.

Maybe compare and contrast Real Estate Unleashed to those courses before making any moves. Or, even better, supplement or replace your real estate earnings with our rank and rent model.

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