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Local Marketing Vault Review

Local Marketing Vault BBB

Local Marketing Vault review: James Bonadies and Jason McKim’s Local Marketing Vault is a course that teaches you how to run Google ads and Facebook ads for local businesses.

Is Local Marketing Vault legit?  Durrfinitely.

How much does Local Marketing Vault cost?  The price of LMV is $3,994.  If you need to break that up into monthly installments, James and Jason will work with you, but tack on interest.

Gee, ripoff much?  Nah.  Compare that to college.  It’s a small fraction of what a four-year degree would cost ya, yet you can make more, faster, and be your own boss… if everything goes according to plan.

But will it?  Hey, that’s up to you.  Jason and James have quite a few success stories – it appears they know what they’re doing and looks like they do a decent job of supporting their members.  The real question is: do you trust yourself to take this serious?  If so, shoot, a couple clients paying you monthly for six months’ll cover your tuition; and everything else is yours to keep.  Right?  So don’t look at coaching programs like Local Marketing Vault as an expense, because that implies a lottery mentality – the desire for unearned success.  Which tells me you’re f*cked from the start.  Now, if you wanna say: “Yo, I see the potential return here, but Lil’ Homie’s teachin’ the same sh*t plus throwing in some really cool software… for a thousand less,” that’s more than fair.  Nothing wrong with weighing your options.  After all, there’s about trillionty other “how to run ads for local businesses” courses out there… and you may like another guru’s package or personality better than James’ or Jason’s.

Anyways, what else should you know?  Well look, I think James and Jason and Local Marketing Vault are neato and all, but let me play devil’s advocate real quick.  Google ads are older than your momma’s momma.  Facebook ads are older than your auntie.  Point being: they’re both saturated, and therefore, costly.  And it’s only gonna get worse, especially as more and more marketers like Dan Henry and Jessica Samis and Billy Gene and Cat Howell and Adam Davies and whoever’s up next, sell you their respective “here’s how to launch and scale your ad agency” systems.  So, use common sense: if it costs you more and more to get leads for these local business owners, what’s that do to your margins?  It destroys ’em, doesn’t it?  On top of that, it’s getting harder to land paying clients in the first place, since the top niches are now being bombarded by thousands of “students” who’re enrolling in these very courses.

Also, speaking of niches?  Facebook advertising, specifically, sucks for most types of brick and mortars.  Pretty hard to run an ad down someone’s newsfeed, for example, and sell ’em on calling a personal injury attorney… if they’re healthy AF, is it not?  And when ya think about it, the majority of local services are ones you’re either in the market for or you’re not – like no ad, no matter how great, is gonna convince ya otherwise.  But you wouldn’t know it listening to these guys’ webinars, talkin’ ’bout: “Millions of small businesses need this service!”  What they’re not tellin’ you is that Facebook ads flat-out won’t work for most of ’em.  Which really limits the number of potential clients in the first place.

Granted.  Google AdWords is much better, since you can bid on search terms where you know those people are now in the market for whatever product or service you’re advertising (or they wouldn’t be Googling it).  And, to be fair, Jason McKim and James Bonadies do cover this in LMV.  So that gives it an edge over courses that teach strictly Facebook ads.  But still.  Cost per click is gonna eat away whatever monthly fee the biz owner agreed to anydamnway.  Feel me?

So what’s the solution?  How do you get around a) a lack of good niches to serve, b) too many people selling the same thing the same way, c) rising ad costs that cock-block your take-home, plus d) and I haven’t even addressed this yet, but how do ya build something that’ll last a lifetime… that can’t be taken away from you (like Google and Facebook ads, where they can ban your account without warning… hereby wiping out your entire income overnight)?  Huh?  Any ideas?

Here’s one: do what I’m doin’ here.  Good ol’ free traffic.  It costs nothing.  Brings buyers.  I own and control everything (not Facebook, not Google).  Each page takes me, what, maybe an hour or two to create?  Then makes me hands-free money day after day… probably for the rest of my life?  Bro.  It don’t get no better.  And when you do it locally, it’s so much easier and faster.  I mean, ranking for “tree trimming Hollywood, FL” is laughable… compared to trying to rank internationally for something like “Local Marketing Vault reviews.”  See what I’m sayin’?

I could go on and on, too.  With free traffic, the lead quality is so much higher, so businesses make more money from the leads you’re sending them, and therefore stick around and pay you for years… as opposed to a month or two, which is what I’ve experienced running paid ads for clients.  Then, after you rent the results of each website for as long as you want, you can sell the website – sometimes for six figures!  It’s literally just like real estate, only you’re doin’ it online with almost no startup capital.

What’s that?  You’ve heard enough?  You wanna know more about ranking and renting lil’ websites and keeping all the profit?  Cool beans.  Go here.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.