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Higher Path Ventures Reviews (Luke Sample’s Book Profits)


“I made a lot of money, right away,” says the mysterious man in a recent YouTube ad for Higher Path Ventures. “It was so simple. And sometimes that can be the difference between persevering with something and giving up too quickly,” he continues.

“The second thing, with this particular program—the support. The support is, from day one, phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives,” he adds.

“The learning curve to do this is not that steep. And you can always get help,” he says.

“I joined around the same time as some people who are now seven figure earners, you know? And there are people who joined two months ago who are doing great. I think anyone can do this.”

But what the heck is it? And is it legit? Continue down the page to find out. First, though, how ’bout a $1,500 per month case study?

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Where was I? Ah, yes. The vague YouTube ad. So after Mr. X makes his case for joining “the program,” the video cuts to a different dude.

He’s standing in a garage and there’s some eye candy—a sweet-looking Lambo—positioned perfectly behind him.

Higher Path Ventures has no shame in their game

Luke Sample Lambo

(Tai Lopez just called; wants his ad back.)

Douchiness aside, at least he acknowledges our confusion. “You’ve probably got two questions,” he begins.

“One: what are you doing to generate those kinds of results? And number two: can you do it?”

“The answer to number two is easy. You can absolutely do this,” he promises.

“This isn’t some stupid MLM thing or something like that. It doesn’t require a bunch of technical ability or website building or any of that,” he says.

“Now, number two—how do you do it?—I think the best way to show you how to do this is to let you watch the exact same training that they saw to generate those kinds of results.”

At that point, he says to click the link to access the training. So I do. But instead of a squeeze page that asks you to enter your email to watch it, it just takes you to a bare-bones calendar page.

“Use the calendar below to find a good time to talk to myself or one of our team members,” the tiny text above the calendar reads.

“This will not be a one-on-one phone call but rather a small group call with others interested in our program so that you feel absolutely zero pressure.”

“We simply want to answer your questions and see if we are a fit for you, like we have been for others.”

Hmm. From a funnel perspective, it’s interesting. You’d think these group sales calls would be disastrous since nobody knows what’s going on. But it must be working or they wouldn’t be running it like this.

From a prospect’s perspective, it’s super annoying. Just tell us what it is. Don’t waste our time.

Anyways, after doing some digging, I discovered the Garage Guy’s name is Luke Sample.

And I’m pretty sure it’s a pitch for his Book Profits program he sells alongside his business partner, Jon Shugart.

Luke Sample brags up Book Profits


They teach book arbitrage, basically. You buy cheap books and sell them on Amazon for more than what you paid. Keep the difference. Yawn.

I’m sure it works, but by teaching all of your students to go into that one niche, and use the same software to find the same books and sell ’em the same way? I mean, can you say saturation?

“And for that reason, I’m out.” (In my best Shark Tank voice.)

Wanna see something more specific? With several million niches? Where I answer all of your questions and walk you through all of the steps involved long before I ever ask you to book a call? You do? Nooice. Click below.

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