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Vehicle Virgins Net Worth, YouTube Income, Dad, Drama


How much money does Parker Nirenstein (@VehicleVirgins) make on YouTube? What’s his net worth? Success secrets? You’re about to find out. Keep reading.

Parker was born in 1994 in Palo Alto, California. By age three, he was already obsessed with cars. He would use Tinkertoys and duct tape to build dragsters he could sit in and pretend to drive.

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Parker was home-schooled, by his own request, for about three years. At age 11, he enrolled in a college-level machine metal and engine rebuilding course. That only deepened his love for cars.

Throughout high school, Parker played guitar in a band. He wrestled, did karate, ran cross country, and made the varsity golf team as well. He graduated in 2011 at age 16.

After that, Parker attended University of Michigan and studied mechanical engineering. The heavy course load and challenging classes taught him how to work hard and be consistent—traits that served him well when he launched his YouTube channel, Vehicle Virgins.

“Here’s what people don’t get. I don’t just film myself for 18 minutes, driving around, having fun, then throw it up on YouTube and call it a day,” he said. “I’m basically working 19 hours a day, approximately seven days a week.”

Parker Blue Lambo

“So it’s filming, editing, planning videos, emailing, working with brands, and then there’s like a couple minutes for breathing,” he added, emphasizing how much of a grind it is to grow your channel to millions of subscribers.

But it’s certainly paid off. Vehicle Virgins is estimated to reel in close to $50,000 per month, just in ad revenue. Sprinkle in sponsorships, merchandise, Instagram, etc., and Parker Nirenstein is thought to have a net worth of approximately $5 million dollars.

There were some rumors that Parker’s dad was a software entrepreneur who sold his company back in the day and became a billionaire. This is partly true. He was actually involved with eight different Silicon Valley startups; one of which was sold for a billion dollars.

However, venture capitalists owned most of that company by the time they were bought out. His dad did well, but is far from a billionaire. And he did not help Parker build Vehicle Virgins one iota.

Nirenstein McLaren

Like any popular YouTuber, Vehicle Virgins has had its fair share of drama. There was that time Parker damaged the hood of Rob Dahm’s three-rotor RX-7. Rob later asked Parker to pay for a new hood, but Parker declined.

More recently, Parker was beefing with Alex Choi. He accused Alex of “trying to kill him” after Alex flipped his electric golf cart Parker was riding on the back of. Parker “severely sprained his ankle” and broke his camera in the process. He felt he should be compensated, but wasn’t.

Then there was Damon Fryer who called Parker out for doing drugs before driving, causing him to crash on more than one occasion. Parker clapped back, calling Damon a racist, saying he has the video footage to prove it. Parker admits he battled drug addiction in the past, but says he’s currently sober and is happy to take a drug test to prove it.

At some point, you have to wonder how much of this is real and how much is made-for-YouTube-drama, ya know?

Either way, Mr. Vehicle Virgins deserves a victory lap for his impressive net worth—a number that should rise steadily, assuming Parker stays on the up and up.

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