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Luke Voigt Reviews (Cold Email Client Attraction Course)

Luke Max Voigt Cold Emails

Luke Max Voigt says he made nearly $60 Gs using only automated cold emails. No cold calling. No Facebook ad funnels, even though that’s exactly what he’s using to tell us about it. Hmm. Let’s see if he’s legit, shall we?

Read on for my Cold Email Client Attraction review. But first, you might want to watch this case study. In it, my mentor and another student pull back the curtain on live, mostly-passive income streams you can copy. Pay close attention.

Back to Luke. According to his squeeze page, if I register for his free video workshop, he’ll cover the following:

  • How to generate hot, profitable sales calls using automated cold emails.
  • How to write 80% open rate subject lines and book calls with any niche.
  • Critical steps you need before launching any cold email campaigns.

I’ll go ahead and opt-in and see if it lives up to the hype.

Cold Email Client Attraction Pitch

Boom, there’s Luke, waiting for me with a short 11-minute video. I press play and he opens with his brief backstory.

Started internet marketing five years ago; the first four of which, he was just running Google and Facebook ads for his parents’ construction company; tries cold calling other construction companies to drum up even more business, fails miserably; comes up with better mousetrap, which is what he’s about to show us now.

Brownie points for not wasting my time. Two minutes in, and he’s already getting into the actual content.

Why cold email? Luke says, first and foremost, it’s nearly free. To do it the way he does it, you will need some software and a $4/hr (or so) virtual assistant. So maybe $750/mo overall. But still. Pretty cheap compared to, say, Facebook ads. On top of that, you get immediate results. Instant feedback. And then, once it’s dialed, it’s very low maintenance.

Is his process niche specific? Nope. Luke claims he’s doing it in the construction space, obviously, but also for car insurance, e-commerce, and SaaS companies. Because of this, he’s confident it’ll work in whatever industry you’re in.

For it to be effective, Luke adds, you’ll need three things: (1) a system that automates the sending of the emails, but with tweaks that make ’em feel individualized for each lead; (2) master copywriting skills integrated into a compelling cold email sequence; and (3) meticulous tracking so that nothing slips through the cracks.

The punchline? Cold Email Client Attraction System could have you waking up to a packed calendar for a lot less money than you’d see with paid advertising. Luke doesn’t mention the cost. You’d have to book a quick call with him to see if you’re a good fit before he’ll reveal the price.

What’s my gut say? Luke “Max” Voigt is a no-nonsense guy who clearly does this for his other businesses. I think it could definitely work for you, if you’re fairly tech-savvy, okay with hiring, training, and managing a virtual assistant and you’re in need of a lower-risk lead gen strategy.

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