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Tom Wang FBA Masterclass: Review, Cost, Concerns

Tom Wang Stop Ad

“Stop! Did you know every time you shop on Amazon, you’re helping someone make passive income?” asks Tom Wang in his obnoxious new YouTube ad.

“Yes! You could be helping someone like me—a dude in my twenties—make money in my sleep. It’s true,” he continues.

“Question is: why help other people make passive income when you could be making your own?” Tom says.

Pause. Before I review what Tom’s about to slyly try and sell you, watch this case study.

Better than Amazon FBA?

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“Hi, my name is Tom Wang. I was a pretty normal guy who had a great 9 to 5 job, but I knew I always wanted to start a side hustle selling stuff online.”

Apparently, a friend told him he was having success selling physical products on Amazon; fast forward a few years, and Tom was able to follow in his friend’s footsteps, quitting his day job altogether.

Now he lives the digital nomad lifestyle and helps others do the same. Tom swears his Amazon selling system works for anyone and everyone, as he flashes dozens of student success stories across the screen.

“So if you’re interested in learning how to create your own brand on Amazon, with just selling random products, I can show you the system I created,” Tom says.

For a “limited time,” he’s got a “free training” that’ll walk you through the exact steps involved. Hmm. We’ll see about that.

I went ahead and clicked Tom’s ad, entered my email, and watched the video.

Tom Wang discusses making money on Amazon


Here’s what you need to know.

Tom teaches a “single product profit system.” Basically, you start with just a single product.

Something boring. Under $50. Simple, small, lightweight. Sold year-round. 100-200 reviews or less (which signals low competition). An “impulse buy” that millions of men and women are already ordering daily. Ideally, something you can get for one or two bucks per unit.

Then, you use their “proprietary rank and bank method” to get top rankings in Amazon’s marketplace… so you can start making sales fast. (Tom makes it sound like they use only free traffic, but they do paid ads too.)

The secret sauce? Tom says it’s their “rock bottom sourcing” process.

You see, anyone can find hot products, but if you can’t keep your costs down, you’ll struggle to make money. That’s why Tom and his team will contact as many as 60 suppliers to find the absolute best deal!

*Rummages through desk drawer in search of a dusty Advil.

Sounds awful, huh? Then you factor-in how saturated FBA is, how much startup capital you’d need (FBA Masterclass costs $8,997 plus you’d need at least a couple grand for your first round of inventory and another grand or so for ads), and I’d personally want no part of it.

Can you trust Tom Wang?

Scammer Tom Wang

Tom seems like a pretty good guy. And I believe he actually practices what he preaches, which is more than most gurus can say. I just had two teeny-tiny gripes.

One, I feel like Tom Wang ripped off a lot of his marketing elements from my mentor. Especially all the rank and bank talk, which my guy started using, oh, about six years ago.

Two, him saying, “I honestly don’t know how much longer I can offer this for,” is baloney.

His YouTube ad I came through had more than 10 million views. Tom’s spending big money to get his single product profit system in front of as many people as possible. He has no intention of slowing down.

Far from the slimiest things I’ve seen in this space, but a little annoying nonetheless. Just thought you should know.

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