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Warren Buffett Net Worth

How Rich Is Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett net worth: Warren Buffett is an investor, businessman, and philanthropist with a net worth of $88.5 billion dollars.

You already know the Omaha native ballooned Berkshire Hathaway with fellow billionaire Charlie Munger; and that he’s arguably the greatest investor of all time; and really freaking frugal, still living in the same house he bought back in 1957 for $31,500; and that he’s promising to give away nearly 99% of his fortune!

But what can the little guy learn from Buffett’s incredible story?

What can you and I do to put our hard-earned money to work so that it snowballs in the years to come?

The answer’s surprisingly simple.  Warren Buffett thinks you should invest most of your money in low-cost index funds that track broad, well-diversified stock market indices.

For example, a basic S&P 500 index fund.

Which, because it’s passive, long-term, low-fee, tax-efficient, and free from human error (even the financial “experts” will get emotional and make miscalculations)… Buffett believes this’ll consistently beat actively-traded, higher-fee mutual funds and hedge funds.

At the risk of dramatic oversimplification, Warren’s wealth formula seems to be: patience plus betting on America plus compound interest equals success.

And while “slow and steady” isn’t sexy, it gives you the best odds at the biggest returns when it comes to investing in stocks, bonds, and assets.

Here’s the cool thing though: you don’t have to wait until you’re bald and wheelchair bound to have an investment portfolio worth millions of dollars.  I know because I’ve already done it, and I’m only 34.

The trick is to combine Buffett’s boring but brilliantly effective investing style with entrepreneurship.

Specifically, a business that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit each month.  When you do that, “buy and wait” is a lot more fun.  Compounding is much more exciting.  And you’ve got so much more potential to cash-in when corrections and bear markets come and everything goes on sale.

You’re also able to scratch the “instant gratification itch” by banking big amounts of money each month – so it’s not nearly as hard to patiently play the long game with stocks.

What drives me nuts is that everyone acts like Buffett just threw a few hundred bucks into Coca-Cola, waited some years… then boom, all of a sudden he’s a billionaire.

Compounding works, yes.  But it’s not magic.

I mean, if all it takes is a little bit of money and a lot of time, why isn’t everyone over 70 a multimillionaire?  Ever thought about that?  Duh.  It’s because, despite what Wall Street and CNBC say, the “secret” – other than time, which neither one of us can get more of – is to start with a lot of money!

Warren Buffett is a businessman first and an investor second.  He was a millionaire at 31.  Only then, after he had some dough to throw, did he start to do damage in the stock market.

I know you came here wanting to know how much Warren Buffett is worth, and not necessarily to hear my rant, but too bad.  I’m writing these articles to inspire and guide you to become a millionaire today, while you’re young and healthy; instead of waiting and hoping for it to happen passively over the next however many decades… while you rot away in a cubicle.

So I’ll end with this: don’t skip the early chapters of Warren Buffett’s story or you’ll have unrealistic expectations of what “value investing” can do for an average person with average income.

But when you explode that income, and then invest like WB does, look out.

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