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Watch Trading Academy Reviews (Pejman Ghadimi)


“This is the power of watch trading, you see,” begins Pejman Ghadimi, in a recent YouTube ad. “Every time you buy a watch for $1,000 and then sell it, you make 20% back. So now you have $1,200, right?” he continues.

“Now, you’re gonna do another trade, and make another two [hundred in profit] again. And another trade, and you’re gonna make another two again. And another trade, and another two. And another trade, and another two.”

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“After five watches, you [now] have $2,000. You see, this is the only place where you can trade watches where the actual cost of the money for the watch goes into the watch so you can never actually lose the principal,” PJ explains.

“And then you can double your money with just five trades, literally, in less than a month. And this is the power of watch trading—it’s how easy it is for anybody to do it.”

“And in addition to that, all you need is access to the internet, which most of us have on our phones; and you need access to a post office. So if you have those things, you have the ability to become a watch trader.”

“Now, there is some intricate details to it, and the best way for you to learn it is by actually clicking the link below and going into the free training where, in 90 minutes, I’m gonna teach you the basics to understand if watch trading is for you or not; and to understand what you need to get started right now,” he says, as the ad comes to an end.

Pejman Ghadimi practices what he preaches

At first glance, it would be easy to roll your eyes and assume Watch Trading Academy is a scam. But if you really do your due diligence on Pejman, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion as me: dude’s legit.

There’s no paradox of practice. He’s teaching you how to flip watches for a profit, and there’s plenty of proof that he does this himself. The average guru can’t say the same. They make all their money selling courses. Amiright?

And while I haven’t bought his Watch Trading Academy, I have gone through his Exotic Car Hacks program—and can certainly vouch for it. It was very comprehensive, up-to-date and you could tell the man actually gives a damn about his students. But hey, don’t just take my word for it.

Watch Trading Academy has lots of case studies

@WatchTradingAcademy Instagram

“This bad boy is gone quicker than it came in,” wrote one WTA member. “Total hold time is less than eight hours.”

“Only got to enjoy it while taking these few shots [they had posted pics along with the review]. Very happy with the sale. Went to a retail buyer who appreciates timepieces. ROI: 20%. Love it!” they added.

Another member who just completed their first flip for a 19% return spoke to the power of the WTA community: “Thanks to the community members I reached out to for help and input,” they wrote.

“It’s super cool how everyone is responsive and willing to help. I hope I can return the favor as I proceed,” they said.

Dozens more echoed these sentiments. So, I think it’s safe to say, investing in Watch Trading Academy is probably a pretty safe bet.

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