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Wes Watson Net Worth

Wes Watson Bio

Wes Watson net worth: Wes Watson is an influencer with a net worth of approximately $1.7 million dollars.

Wes spent a decade behind bars for pushin’ some serious, um, “electric lettuce”…

Wes Watson Prison

But he didn’t just sit around sulking like a b*tch.  He used that time to master his mind and body.  Now he uses social media to share what’s worked for him.

Oceanside Wes Watson

In short, he teaches dudes how to man the f*ck up.  And, with his superhero bod, shocking prison stories, and eloquent yet capillary-popping rants, it’s no surprise he’s exploding in popularity.  In fact, recently, it appears as though he took some of that internet money and got himself a new crib:

House Wes WatsonWhere he lives with his equally exotic-looking wife:

Wes Watson Wife

And don’t forget “Baby Wolfie,” as they call him:

Son Wes Watson

Anyways.  Good stuff.  Check out his Insta any time you need a good ol’ kick in the dick.

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