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Rod Wave Net Worth

How Rich Rod Wave

Rod Wave net worth: Rodarius Marcell Green, aka Rod Wave, is a rapper with a net worth of $1.75 million dollars.  Here are 10 fascinating facts about Rod Wave.

Rod Wave Ghetto

1. Rod Wave was born on August 27, 1999.  He grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida.  His parents split when he was young.  He graduated from Lakewood High School in 2017.

Rod Wave Hoodie

2. Rod started singing at age five.  At 17, when his father got out of prison, he bought Rod a mic.  Luckily, Rod’s brother had just given him a computer that he had found.  So Rod plugged it in and started messing around—never thinking it would lead to anything.

Rod Wave Garage

3. With Rod’s blessing, his friend took some of his early tracks and promoted them locally.  That opened the doors for some small shows and, from there, word of mouth took over.  Soon, he had enough buzz throughout Florida that record labels began taking notice.  Rod would eventually sign with Alamo Records.

Rod Wave Polo

4. In terms of musical influences, Rod told Billboard: “I listen to everything that sounds good with a story.  I even listen to Adele.  I listen to all kinds of music.  Everything with a story that I can listen to and close my eyes and visualize it.  I just love music.”  Kanye West, Kevin Gates and Lil Boosie are his three favorite rappers.

Rod Wave Hard Times

5. Rod Wave’s career took off when his song “Heart On Ice” started trending on TikTok.  Ironically, when that happened, Rod didn’t even know what TikTok was.  In fact, he had no social media accounts at the time.

Rod Wave Bling

6. Rod Wave has a very antisocial approach to making music.  Rather than hang out in the studio with other artists and producers and a whole entourage, he and his engineer will sit in a dark hotel room and record track after track—just the two of them.

Rod Wave Blue

7. Music may have saved his life.  Before blowing up, he felt lost.  He was scared to have anyone be dependent on him.  But now he has a purpose.  A reason to wake up each morning.  “Music made me want to live and have kids.  Live and see 50, 60.  Because before music, I was ready to crash out,” Rod said.

Rod Wave Smile

8. Rod Wave is just a normal dude who happens to make nice music.  He’s not about to troll or beef with other artists for attention.  He wants to let his music do the talking.

Rod Wave Jordan

9. He also doesn’t live the typical rapper lifestyle.  He doesn’t pop pills or do the club scene.  So you won’t hear about it in his lyrics.  Rather, you’ll hear about love, pain and day-to-day struggles.  And that authenticity, he believes, will help him outlast the competition.

Rod Wave Counts Money

10. Rod Wave’s girlfriend is pregnant with twins.

Rod Wave Fence

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