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Think Crashing Waves

Board Palms Sun Beach

Just the tip: peace creates profit; too much emotion is costly. 

When you’re all in your feelings, you’re not at your best.  You don’t think clear.  It’s hard to focus.  Easy to get negative.  And you’re spilling precious energy.

Be aware of this.  Always work to calm your mind.

Listen to waves… crashing.  Fire… crackling.  A baby… giggling.

Read a few jokes.

Swipe through your favorite photos on your phone.

Big, deep breaths.

Noise canceling earbuds.

Shut down all tabs but the one you’re working in.

Yep.  All that sh*t.  Or whatever else you can find… that helps.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.