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Lil Wayne Net Worth

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr

Lil Wayne net worth: Lil Wayne is a rapper and entrepreneur with a net worth of $133 million dollars.  Here are 10 Tunechi tidbits I betcha didn’t know.

Weezy Liquor

1. His real name is Dwayne Jr., but he ditched the D—and shortened it to Wayne—as a diss to his father, who split when he was two.

Lil Wayne Forbes

2. Weezy was only eight… when he wrote his first rap song.

Lil Wayne Performing

3. In grade school, he did plays and was an honor student.

Lil Wayne Weed

4. At 12, he tried to commit suicide… by shooting himself in the chest—just missing his heart!

Lil Wayne Chorus

5. At 14, he dropped outta school to pursue music full-time.

Lil Wayne Dreads

6. He got picked up by Cash Money Records by leaving freestyles on their answering machine (‘memba those things?).

Lil Wayne Rolls

7. He calls Nirvana one of his greatest musical influences.

Lil Wayne Shirtless

8. He apparently reads the bible regularly.

Lil Wayne Pondering

9. Lil Wayne’s “lil’ guy” is also tatted.  Yeesh.

Little Wayne Up Close10. Lil Wayne almost died twice after experiencing seizures; which Wayne says is from a medical condition known as epilepsy.  Many believe chronic codeine consumption is to blame.

LilTunechi Pointing

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