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If You Had A Bad Week In Business, Get Over Here

These are for you.


Facebook: Wade Cobbs III

My body is a corpse.


You Too Awkward

Twitter: @XClaudius

See also:

Retail worker: “Anything I can help ya find?”

Me: “Pretty good.”


Instagram: @TheRealBrosOfSimiValley

“Yo, Zan, get your boy, dawg.” (I’m weak.)


Apple Juice Eight Year Old

Twitter: @3HotCheetosB0i

Especially when you took an L at recess.


Instagram: @HaHaDavis, @ComedianBBarry1

*When movies try to drag out who really got shot. (So true.)

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Cory Johnson: likes bumping #OnRepeat through the Bang & Olufsen sound system in his naturally aspirated V10; post-workout pumps; curvy women; Will Ferrell; Dave Chappelle; and your mom’s potato salad. He hates awkward handshakes. But who cares? Let’s talk about you.