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Taylor Welch Traffic & Funnels On Money, Mindset, More

Wealth Cap Holdings Taylor Welch

Taylor Welch, co-founder of Traffic and Funnels, Wealth Cap Holdings, The Sales Mentor, and Inbound Closer, talks business, blessings, and life in general. But first, here’s a short video that teaches you how to add “virtual toll booths” to your list of income streams:

“The levels change. The game does not. The story of my life and many like me is this: ‘I think I can do it.’ I try and I fail. Still think I can do it. Try again and fail again. Somewhere between [attempt] #3 and #1,000, something works. Onward, my friend. If it is not worth the cost, it is not worthy of you.”

“God will save you from becoming successful at the wrong things.”

Taylor Welch The Intelligent Advertiser

“Don’t underestimate what can happen in just 12 months of diligence and consistency. The greatest ROI you will ever have in your business(es) is your team. Not your ads or software or brand. All team. Out of a healthy team flows every other metric in business.”

“Master the boring stuff and you get to have all the shiny stuff too, you just don’t have to pay for any of it.”

On that note, here’s a few toys Taylor Welch, um, “didn’t” pay for:

Taylor Welch Car

Taylor Welch’s Porsche 911

Taylor Welch New Watch

Taylor Welch’s Rolex

Taylor Welch Travels In Style

Taylor Welch Boards Private Jet

Taylors Brother Payton Welch

Taylor’s brother, Payton Welch—from SalesMentor and Inbound Closer—posing in front of a new art piece.

“Ten days ago I realized I was too comfortable. It was too easy. My goals (all of them) were achieved by 30 and I had to invent new ones. I thought they were good goals when I wrote them. Then all of those were achieved by 31. Instead of creating new ones, I coasted. I had become distracted. Out of rhythm. Disciplined compared to most but undisciplined compared to my potential, which is what always counts in the end. A switch was flipped. New goals initiated. Focus honed back in. Habits cycling back in place. The world holds its breath watching a strong man step back into his power. We need strong leaders now more than ever. Weak men and lazy women have perpetuated cycles of blame and cowardice… not educated enough to know what’s right and not strong enough to stand for it when they figure it out. Giving our kids 8th place trophies then watching confused as they set fires in the street trying to avoid accountability. This will be the rebound generation. Every so often in the journey you will be called to re-commit. After all the levels played. All the income. The wealth and the protection, the (real) trophies and the lives changed… the simple question will still be there: ‘What’s next?’ If you can’t answer that you will lose power. Power does not sit on you just to have a place to sit. Power follows purpose and is bestowed in times when it is needed. As I learned again, and probably not for the last time: get your reasons in order. The why is more important than the what or the how. I’m back. LFG.”

“Never take yourself too seriously. Life is a journey and sometimes the funnest parts are laughing at yourself.”

“Slow down or you’ll miss it. I always thought this was silly, but now after having our daughter it’s hit me more than once.”

Taylor Welch CEO Traffic And Funnels

“Generosity isn’t just with money… sometimes giving means your time, invested into things that matter but are not meant to ‘ROI’ (this is harder than money, by the way).”

“[On why you must read books] You can’t change the rules unless you know how they were created.”

“‘Who am I becoming?’ You will never outgrow the sobriety of this question. Many times I like the answer. Sometimes I do not. It’s the times you are honest and the honesty hurts that are the most important. If your life is filled by self-indulging fairytales where everything feels good, looks good and sounds good at all times… I can assure you there’s something nasty growing under the surface. Growth can be a mess. But the world is advanced by strong men and women who persevere, and strength never mimics perfection. Be okay with yourself having good days and bad days. Honor your journey by not covering the bad days up. Stop presenting a movie script to the world when that’s not what your life is. Being authentic means sometimes you say what needs to be said instead of what will advance your brand. In the end you’ll find that these two things are the same but in the moment, one outranks the other.”

Taylor Welch Chris Evans Mastermind

“I started Traffic & Funnels and competitors said, ‘Ah, they’re just a bunch of knock offs.’ Most of those said ‘competitors’ became clients. Started Sales Mentor and people said, ‘Ah, they just need to stay focused; it won’t work.’ Now it moves several thousand sales pros a month, training and staffing. Started Wealth Cap and an old buddy said, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing… it’s harder than it looks… just buy from us.’ Now we’ll lock up 20 new properties next month with currently 15 active under rehab and 50 under our belt from the last few months. I’m not a betting man. I don’t like ‘clutch’ moments… too much risk. I’d rather be up by 20 going into last two minutes ’cause I don’t need the emotional spark of barely coming through. But if I was a betting man, I’d say: never bet against a man with purpose… a man with strong reasons… and a willingness to get punched in the mouth as many times as it takes to win. Most don’t need more money or more knowledge—they need to come face-to-face with the real reality of what happens if they don’t win. I got a glimpse of a life stuck in a dead-end job in 2013 and I started running. Once I got free, I started running harder. Now I’m so far into the race that nobody will ever catch me unless I just get lazy. Onward and upward. Power follows purpose.”

“Not many things better than 1) a good book, 2) a couple hours with nowhere to be, 3) an open mind capable of critical thinking! Learn and earn friends.”

“The game. Every season ends. To grow through. To grow in spite of. That is the goal. Lots to be grateful for, sometimes you have to look a bit harder for it, but the list is always there.”

Taylor Welch Nashville Tennessee

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