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Overnight Millionaire Review (Wesley Virgin’s Mind Hacks System)

Wesley Virgin Cars

“You know, this young man just texted me right now. He took action with my program—which, most people don’t—he just made his first $1,000,” says a sweaty Wesley Virgin from the top floor of a parking garage.

“He’s 26 years old. He’s been working a job for a while. Minimum wage. And he took action. And you know what’s so funny? Most of you watching me, no offense, but you’re like idiots,” he snickers.

“Thing is, you’d rather watch YouTube videos about how to get rich instead of just going and taking action and actually getting rich.”

“Right now, if you’re watching this video and you’re not making $10,000 per month on autopilot? I don’t wanna call you an idiot again, but you’re not too smart.”

“I’m Wesley ‘Billion Dollar’ Virgin and I wanna help you.”

“You’re lookin’ at these vehicles right now,” he says, strutting past a lineup of colorful supercars, “asking, ‘Are they mine?’ Of course they’re mine. They’re not f*cking rented,” he rants.

“I know some of you guys are gonna troll. It’s okay. I’m coming from love because I know how it feels to struggle.”

“I know you have that dream. You want to do something big. But everybody around you don’t understand you. Take action. Click the link. Much love. Let’s GO!” he yells, as his YouTube ad comes to an end.

Now before I review Wesley’s offer, how ’bout something a bit more sensible? Watch this.

How to make some side money online

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Alright, I clicked Wesley’s YouTube ad. It took me to a page with a 15-minute “manifest money now” audio. I listened to it and, it was okay.

Basically, he had you take out a sheet of paper, write out your perfect day in extreme detail, and then suggested you keep doing it again and again, day after day, till it’s truly perfect. Then, leverage visualization to make it real in your mind.

Nothing groundbreaking, but whatever, it was free. After that, he had you click a big blue button to discover “wealth mind hacks secretly used by the rich and famous.”

This takes you to a video that starts off with shoutouts from D List celebrities Wesley wants you to believe are genuine, but which he really bought off of Cameo.com.

Trick number two? He flashes all the big name online sites he’s been “featured in.” But if you read my Officeless Agency or Elite CEOs exposé, you already know what’s up. Wesley paid big bucks to plant these phony stories, hoping you’d be too dumb to look into it.

It gets better. The slimy son of a gun then makes it look as if A List celebrities actually endorse his program. I can’t make this stuff up. See for yourself.

Is Wesley Virgin a con man?

Wesley Overnight Millionaire Scam

This dude must’ve backed over his moral compass with one of those cars he was returning to the rental place.

Eventually, he gets to the offer. Which is literally called The Overnight Millionaire System. (Unreal.) And for a limited time, you can get it, and a bunch of bonuses, for just $35.

How this man is not under an investigation by the FTC is beyond me.

Here are some things I’d rather do than give Wesley Virgin $35 to learn how to supposedly manifest millions overnight.

  • Eat sushi from a gas station
  • Cry myself to sleep listening to a playlist of the saddest Country songs I can find
  • Discover, after all these years, I was adopted
  • Go to Costco on a Sunday
  • Get audited
  • Sit in a sauna with “No Neck Ed”

I think you get the point. It’s a no for me. And I hope Wesley can clean up his act—or else, before he knows it, he’s gonna be making toilet wine in federal prison.

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