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Christian Martin Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review

Christian Martin Digital Nomad

After seeing several YouTube ads from Christian Martin, I finally clicked over to review his Work From Anywhere Accelerator (or WFA, for short) program. That appears to be his main offer, regardless of where you enter his funnel—be it ChristianMartin.org, DigitalNomad.com, or my personal favorite, OnlineSignSpinner.com, which he’s now retargeting me with on Facebook:

Online Sign Spinner Ad

In this snack-sized review, I’ll quickly cover what you’ll learn inside WFA, as well as what you’ll get… should you join for $1,497 (full payment) or three monthly installments of $597. Cool? Cool.

The Work From Anywhere Accelerator essentially just puts lipstick on the whole “run Facebook ads for local businesses” model. For example, you run a sponsored newsfeed ad to send leads to a realtor in Chicago for, say, $1,000 a month. Ideally, you then rinse and repeat for other realtors in other cities, where you can basically use that same ad, only with minor tweaks. Make sense? Sweet.

Now. Christian Martin, being the clever marketer he is, realized there’s about eleventy-million other gurus already selling this opportunity, so he came up with several angles (“become a digital nomad,” “work from anywhere,” “be an online sign spinner,” etc.) to make it seem new and perhaps a bit more appealing. That’s not a knock. You pretty much have to do that, today, to be able to profitably run paid ads to promote your course or coaching program. So sh*t, I’m wit cha, I ain’t mad at cha; got nuttin’ but love for ya, do your thing boy.

Anyhoo. Now that you know what you’d be doing, and that it’s hella competitive, let’s explore what’s inside The Work From Anywhere Accelerator, to see if you should hand Christian Martin your hard-earned money. Shall we? Awesome.

The WFA Accelerator deliverables

  1. 8-Week “Training On The Tools” Funnel Cloning Workshop Including Videos, Scripts, Templates and Step-By-Step Exercises ($2,997 Value)
  2. 50+ Pre-Made Funnel “Clones” ($997 Value)
  3. The “Rescue Marketing” Client Attraction System ($497 Value)
  4. New Client Forms and Checklists ($497 Value)
  5. The “Hidden Language” Sales Script ($397 Value)
  6. Behind The Scenes Walkthroughs ($997 Value)
  7. The $56k/Month Interview ($197 Value)
  8. The WFA™ Inner Circle Group & Q&A ($997)

You’re also backed by a two-month “action-based” guarantee. Per Christian:

Put Our Process to Use, Do The Homework in the Next 60 Days and if you Don’t Make a Return on Your Investment, Get a Full Refund + $100

While I dig the risk reversal, I gotta wonder how much he’d wrestle you on that promise if you said you tried your best and it didn’t work, ya know?

But um, that’s the overview. Since I’m not a member, I can’t tell you whether or not to join WFA; it looks like a solid offer and Christian Martin seems like a standup guy; but the choice is yours. At the very least, compare it to this business model before ya go.

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