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What To Do With Those Whiny, B*tch-Ass Thoughts

Whiny To Wealthy

First, understand: you’ll never stop ’em completely.  And, if you try to, they’ll probably only multiply.  That, or you’ll focus on ’em that much more.  Like, “Damn, there’s another one.  What’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I just be positive like so-and-so?”  Either way, it’s f*cking tiring.  So let that negative lil’ voice in your head come and go as it pleases, alright?

Then, step two, is this: let it be a cue for doing something positive right-f*cking-now.  For example, you might think, “Waah!  It’s hard to get good clients.  Waah!”  K, cool.  There’s your cue.  Go pick your next niche.  Or do five push-ups.  Or drink a glass of water.  Or meditate for a minute.  Or write down one thing you’re grateful for.  Doesn’t have to be big.  In fact, it shouldn’t be – or you’ll never do it.

But if you just play this little game with yourself, I mean, holy sh*t, things’ll get better and better… and better – you watch.

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