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Simple WiFi Profits Review (*It’s A Hard-No For Me!)

Simple Wifi Profits ClickBank

Simple WiFi Profits review: can a simple four-step system turn your free time into a profitable side hustle? Doubtful, but I’m down to hear these bros out. Read on for my pull-no-punches critique.

But first, ever thought about online rental properties? I’ll show you what I mean:

Now here’s the scoop on Simple WiFi Profits. Chris Eom, an immigrant from South Korea, and Andrew Wright, a college dropout, created this program.

It’s sold through ClickBank, which, for me, is a red flag. In simple terms, ClickBank has lots of sketchy courses with hype-y sales pages that affiliate marketers with no moral compass can promote in exchange for a commission.

After registering for the “live” webinar, Chris and Andrew hop outta their obnoxious exotics—with butterfly doors—and tell me to get excited ’cause it’s. about. to go. down.

Side Income Online Biz Hype

There’s also some bullet points on the page and I can’t help but think, “Damn, hopefully nobody from the FTC is on this webinar!” (Amiright?)

SimpleWiFiProfits Promises

When I click the link and the webinar starts, they get right into the “proof.” Screenshots and live logins to ClickBank accounts reveal multi-thousand-dollar days—from Chris and Andrew and even one of their students.

They don’t clarify how much of that is profit or whether or not Chris and Andrew’s results are from doing what they teach or simply selling the system. My guess is the latter.

For some reason, they’re constantly trying to trick people into thinking they’re live. (“Type an ‘easy’ in the chat box if this look easy to you. Okay, I see lots of ‘easy’s’ comin’ in. Rich, Rodney, Julie. Great, let’s continue.”) FML. I can’t.

Now they’re back to Chris and Andrew’s rags-to-riches stories. We’re almost 30-minutes in and I have no idea what they do or how.

Moments later, almost on cue, their “4 simple steps” are finally revealed:

Four Simple Steps Simple Wifi Profit

Weight loss, they say, is the problem you should focus on. And ClickBank—surprise, surprise—is where you’ll find a “great product” you can promote for a juicy 75-to-90% commission. Facebook ads is how you’ll promote it. And, if you actually refer sales, ClickBank will pay you out.

In theory, sure, it’s a way to make money online. And yes, the best of the best affiliate marketers in the world are making small fortunes doing this. But the average person? Not so much.

Chances are, you’ll spend $100 on Facebook ads to make $30 back. And that $30 will take weeks to clear. If it doesn’t get refunded. Which, there’s a good chance it will. (Again, because these ClickBank products are hot garbage.) So you’ll be down $70 or the whole $100.

And that’s not the end of the world. That’s business. But now you’ve lost belief in the system. Should you keep throwing money out the window? Or pause your Facebook ad and go back to the drawing board?

Don’t answer. ‘Cause, by the time you decide, Facebook’s taken the liberty of shutting down your ad account. They’ll say you “violated one of their policies.” (Scammy weight loss offers are almost impossible to run ads for these days.)

Now what? You’ve got no product of your own. No way to drive traffic. And nothing to show for your effort.

You’re out the Simple WiFi Profits enrollment fee, which cost you $1,497. Plus any upsells you took them up on. Plus software, tools, and however much you spent on FB ads before Zuck b*tch-slapped you into oblivion.

Sucks, dude! But oh well. Onto the next shiny thing, right?

Or, here’s an idea. You could build a real business. Learn real skills. Sell a real service. Make a real impact. And stack real residual income that you can count on each and every month.

No, it won’t be nearly the amount Andrew and Chris said you could make, but it will be something.

Care to learn more? Sweet. It’s all happening here:

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