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Tom Wirth Reviews: Atomic Growth Tips

Tom Wirth Digital Nomad

Atomic Growth founder and digital nomad, Tom Wirth, had a $32,000 week recently. How’d he do it? Read on for three keys you must know.

Before you do though, could I show you how to create a tiny website, rank it in Google, refer the traffic to a local business and get paid per lead? I can? Sweet. Watch this.

How to grow your residual income

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Okay, so, without some big, fancy launch—just a casual week—Tom Wirth claims he did $32k in sales. Was it easy for him? God no.

Before his big breakthrough, Tom had never sold a big-ticket product in his life; never taken a sales call, either. He struggled for three agonizing months before landing his first client.

He was forced to step outside his comfort zone. To stretch. To “lean in” to three painful truths.

Tom Wirth visits Zimbabwe

Tom Wirth Traveling

The first painful truth is that pressure plus resistance leads to growth. There’s no easy button. You can’t just click your mouse three times and be making MD money in a matter of weeks.

What people fail to realize is, nothing’s gonna change till you stop tolerating anything less than your full potential.

“Growth has a cost and it is paid upfront,” Tom said in a new Facebook post. “That cost is comfort.”

The reality is, to live like a one percenter, you gotta start acting like a one percenter. Some days will beat your balls into soup. That’s just the way it is.

Atomic Growth gives you freedom

Criticizing Tom Wirth Business

The second painful truth is to “shut up and row,” Tom says.

Everyone wants results like yesterday. But results are “lag indicators.” To win, you need to focus on “lead indicators.”

For example, you don’t go the gym for the first time in years and expect to leave looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, do ya? Nope. You understand—there’s a delay between actions and outcomes.

Business is no different. So grab your oars and start rowing. Be productive and the profit will come in due time.

Tom Wirth goes to Greece

Atomic Growth Founder

Tom’s third and final tip? “Become first, have second.” Your income will follow your identity.

To guarantee success, you have to transform into a person who embodies success. Call me four outta five dentists, Tom, ’cause I agree.

You know how I became a millionaire? I woke up every day and did the things that millionaires do, over and over and over. And, after a while, my body of work was unstoppable.

Who I’ve become has created so much momentum over the years, six figure months are now unavoidable. Course, the right business model doesn’t hurt.

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