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My Wish For You

Wishing Green Yellow Flower

Is to be 100% you.

Not the people-pleaser version.

Which, depending on who’s around, is probably pretty watered-down.

For instance, around your hipster friends?

You wear skinny jeans and a beanie; eat lentil loaf; and talk about art.

Yet, on Sunday, you’ll call up Chad – your homie from college – talmbout:

“Hey p*ssy, let’s get some wings, crack a couple cold ones, and watch the Steelers.  Oo-rah!”



Like… which is it?

I’m confused.

I wanna see the real you.

Where you say what’s really on your mind.

You wear the clothes you wanna wear.

You make the decisions you wanna make.

You pursue the things that are important to you, no matter how unpopular they are.

You stop hiding things you think others will judge you for.

You do what’s honest, not comfortable.

Urrday, just goin’ about your business, hummin’:

“I have no f*cks to give pah rum-pa-pum pum.”

That’s my wish for you.

Cory Johnson: likes bumping #OnRepeat through the Bang & Olufsen sound system in his naturally aspirated V10; post-workout pumps; curvy women; Will Ferrell; Dave Chappelle; and your mom’s potato salad. He hates awkward handshakes. But who cares? Let’s talk about you.