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Blog Writing Tips From A Millionaire Blogger

How To Write A Blog Post

Blog writing tip number one is to write about things that will bring new readers, serve existing readers, or both. Never blog just to blog. Blog on purpose. What is the point of the article? How will it make you money? If you don’t have a good answer, you’re probably wasting your time. And, I don’t know about you, but I wanna waste time like I wanna get crushed by a poor person on Black Friday. (Not very bad.)

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Blog writing tip number two is to put your keyword in the title of each post. A keyword is whatever someone would search for in Google to find out more about that topic. In this case, it’s “blog writing tips.” Try to put it first in the title if you can. This will help you rank for those words. That’s about all I do as far as “on page optimization” is concerned. The rest is just common sense. Ignore the SEO nerds who try to convince you you need to do seventy-five other things in oder to rank.

Blog writing tip number three is to make good on your promise. Again, in this post, the title promises you blog writing tips. Not only do I deliver on that, but I waste no time; I get right into it. And thanks to my minimalist blog design, formatting, and font selection and size, I make the tips easy to consume. Because of this, you’ll spend more time on my site. Google will take notice. They’ll go, “Hmm, this Cory character may be a douche canoe, but people seem to like his blogging advice.” As a result, I’ll rank faster and easier for similar keywords moving forward.

Blog writing tip number four is to not be boring. If all you do is say the same things the same way as everyone else, how do you expect to get anywhere? Picture Ava. She found your blog while sitting at a red light. Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” is blaring through the speakers of her Toyota Camry. Her home girl, Nikki, just texted, asking her ETA. She hears a honk. Sh*t! Did the light turn? Ava jerks her head up to check, certain she was holding up traffic. Nope. Still red. Thank God. She glances back at her phone, starts skimming your first paragraph. Her stomach’s growling. Hmm, what sounds good later? Chipotle? Chick-fil-A? Nah, she just had Chick-fil-A. Chipotle it is then. She wonders if Nikki would want anything. “Hey Siri, text Nikk—” Before she can finish the sentence, the light turns. She’ll just ask Nikki when she gets there. She tosses her iPhone into the passenger seat, lets off the brake, aggressively hits the gas, and joins Miley for the chorus. THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE UP AGAINST. You better give Ava a damn good reason to go back to that post when she arrives at Nikki’s.

Blog writing tip number five is to be consistent. Stephen King famously said he writes two thousand words a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Set a quota, be it one blog post or five hundred words or whatever it is, and try to hit it every single day. Not only will you improve, but you’ll get more traffic, more readers, more return readers, and thus more of the monies.

Last but not least, blog writing tip number six is to always write through your own voice. Or even magnify it a little. When I blog, I try to be a hundred and ten percent me. If anything, I wanna err on the side of sharing too much emotion, too many of my own individual likes, dislikes, beliefs, dreams, fears, experiences. How else you gonna connect with a buncha creepy strangers poking around your blog?

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