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Lil Yachty Net Worth

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Lil Yachty net worth: Miles Parks McCollum, known as Lil Yachty, is a rapper with a net worth of $9 million dollars.  Here are 10 things every Lil Yachty fan should know.

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1. Lil Yachty was born on August 23, 1997.  He was raised in Mableton, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta.  In school he used to perform parodies of popular songs with his friends.  The only job he ever had was working at McDonald’s.  He attended Alabama State University for one semester before dropping out to pursue music.

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2. The first album Lil Yachty remembers buying was Kris Kross’s Totally Crossed Out cassette.  “They inspired my hair and a lot of my style,” Lil Yachty said.  “It’s crazy.  I used to listen to them all day, all night.”

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3. Lil Yachty moved from ATL to NYC to launch his career.  He networked with online fashion influencers to grow his own Instagram following, which his dad—a professional photographer—had set up for him.  In the early days, Yachty would Facetime fans and play Call of Duty with them.  A personal touch that surely set him apart from other up-and-comers.

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4. “Bubblegum trap” is how Lil Yachty describes his music.  He’s known for incorporating jingles from Mario Bros., Charlie Brown, the theme from Rugrats, the startup sound of a GameCube console, as well as J-pop singer Daoko.

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5. His advice to young artists?  Don’t skip steps.  “You gotta take over your city before you take over the world,” he told No Jumper.  Basically: once you have the support system of your city, it’s much easier to build momentum on a national, and then an international level.

Lil Yachty Laid Back

6. Lil Yachty admits he needs to take better care of himself.  He eats pepperoni pizza almost every day.  And sometimes cereal.

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7. Lil Yachty claims he’s “straight edge.”  Meaning, he does not drink, smoke or use drugs recreationally.  He used to, but said it was “f*cking him up mentally” and that he “has to know what’s going on,” so he quit.

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8. Outside of music, Lil Yachty has profited by appearing in ad campaigns for Sprite, Nautica, Urban Outfitters and Target, as well as co-creating a jingle for Chef Boyardee.

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9. In terms of legal trouble, in late 2015, Lil Yachty and a friend were arrested at a Florida mall for credit card fraud.  The charges were later dropped.

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10. Lil Yachty is single.  He has never been married and has no kids.  He’s been linked, romantically, to India Westbrook and Rubi Rose in the past.

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