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Yahya Bakkar Reviews (Really Bro?)

Yahya Bakkar Instagram

Yahya Bakkar can help you add 10-20 new clients to your coaching or consulting business while charging 5-10 times more for your services… all in the next three months… and without running any paid ads, setting up fancy funnels or spending all day on webinars.

This, per his latest Facebook ad, which takes you into his funnel, and presumably a webinar (or VSL), which is a bit ironic. So I’ll review Yahya Bakkar below to see what his deal is. But first, check out this case study my mentor did with another one of his students:

Lemme go ahead and opt-in to Yahya’s paid funnel about not needing paid funnels and hear what he has to say.


I entered my email and was redirected to a private page with the “training” he promised, followed by a bunch of hype-y testimonials which I’ll get to in a sec.

Yahya Will Be Your Last Coach

I also received the following email from Yahya, a few minutes after signing up. (Fun fact: it’s eerily similar to the first autoresponder of another big-name marketer who I follow. Weird.)


Got Questions?




Thanks for your interest in having my team and I help you get your next 10-20 high paying clients in the next 90 days.

You probably got some questions.

Totally cool.

Let’s get to it…

Q: Who are you?

Yahya Bakkar: Family man, Business Coach & Legacy builder.

Q: What do you do?

I help experts make money online teaching others what they know using social media.

Q: Do I need your help?

If you are a course creator, consultant, coach, expert or service provider and want to grow your business online then yes. You do.

Also, if you’ve been affected by what’s going on in the economy, and want to transition online, then you definitely need my help.

Q: Why?

Most course creators, consultants and coaches die out in the first 1-2 years.


Because they spend all their time, money, and resources trying to build websites, funnels and ads on an idea that might not even sell.

You know what I mean…

They watch YouTube videos on how to build a website.

Buy a clever domain.

Watch more videos on how to write copy.

Watch even more videos on building the perfect funnel.

Spend money down the drain on Facebook ads.

Q: How do I know your program works?

I’ve been helping course creators, coaches and experts grow and scale their businesses online for the past 5 years.

In fact, I helped my clients generate over $6 Million in less than 12 months.

And growing every single day.

Example: Jay & Samera

Jay & Samera were successful mobile home investors.

Hired a coach who told them to create a course and sell it for $397.

They created the course.

Sold the course for $397.

Got burned out, overwhelmed and almost gave up.

Their idea: spend money on Facebook ads in the hopes of selling the course.

My idea: sell the course for $5,000 and sell it without any ads.

Within 40 days they made $80,000.

Example: Blake

Blake is a speaker.

The only way Blake makes money, is by being on the road all the time speaking at different events.

He wanted to add an additional stream of income so that he doesn’t travel as much.

My team and I helped him craft an irresistible offer.

Within 30 days he made $59,250 with his new offer.

And that number is still growing every single month.

Q: What do you help me with?

  • Offer creation
  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Offer validation
  • Outreach
  • Sales
  • Getting qualified people on the phone with you.

Q: How will I know if it works for me?

Do you have an online course?

Do you consult or coach other people on a specific topic or skill?

Do you genuinely believe you can get them the results you promise?

If so, we can help you.

We are a transformational company, not a transactional one.

We won’t try to sell you on something if we don’t believe we can actually help you.

Q: What happens when I hit $50K per month?


Now, it’s time to scale your business.

This is were we focus on Strategy, Conversions, Ads, Leverage, and Exit.

Our goal is get you to that first $50K as fast as possible so that you can work more on your business, not in your business.

Q: What’s next?

Click here to schedule a time & fill out the assessment form.

This will get us started to see if we can help you.

You’ll also see some of the clients we’ve helped.

Hope to talk soon,


Yahya Bakkar
5 Sicomac Road
North Haledon, New Jersey 07508

Favorite line: “What happens when I hit $50k per month?” Damn. Yahya “Get Rich Quick” Bakkar ain’t playin’.

In fact, just seconds into the training video, Yahya doubles down on that YUGE income claim:

Yahya Bakkar Scam

And the remaining 19-minutes of the video are incredible success stories—people making more money than doctors, lawyers, and CEOs—in a matter of days or weeks! Yep, all thanks to Yahya Bakkar.

And it only takes three simple steps, says Yahya: (1) craft your profitable offer; (2) create your magnetic content; and (3) connect and collect the payment.

In other words, just ignore everything Yahya did to get you to this point. The Facebook ad. The automated marketing funnel. The beautiful custom website. The luxury brand. The slick copywriting. The unbelievable social proof.

And I doubt you need to be good-looking, ripped, have a picture-perfect family, loads of charisma, or a decade of public speaking experience like Yahya Bakkar.

Nope. Just charge a lot more for some information you learned from someone else, spam your Facebook feed and hop on the phone to collect four or five-figure payments. Easy peasy.

That’s Yahya’s Social Media Selling System in a nutshell. I’m guessing it costs at least $15k. But hey, you’ll make that back in no time. Just ask these people:

Social Media Selling System Reviews

If it wasn’t abundantly clear, I wouldn’t trust anyone whose entire pitch was basically, “I’m gonna make you a sh*t-ton of money FAST, without any of the advantages I enjoy and without doing any of the things I just did to sell you.”

I also wonder how much room remains in the whole I-coach-coahces-who-coach-coaches space. Unless you’re one of the few who do fitness or relationships, won’t you just be a generic version of Yahya Bakkar? If so, who do you think your prospects would buy from: you or Yahya?

For a more practical business that works for the average person, explained with zero hype, watch every video on this page.

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