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Tyla Yaweh Net Worth

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Tyla Yaweh net worth: Tyler Jamal Brown, known as Tyla Yaweh, is a rapper with a net worth of $1.4 million dollars.  For the full scoop, continue down the page.

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1. Tyla Yaweh’s birthday is May 31, 1995.  He grew up near Orlando, Florida.  He loved skateboarding and thought he might turn pro at one point.  When he got older, Tyla got a job at Dunkin’ Donuts and began selling drugs, on the side, in order to save up money.  His parents eventually found out about the drugs and kicked him out of the house.  Tyla never graduated high school.

Tyla Yaweh Backstage

2. Tyla Yaweh was inspired to make music by his sister, who was in a girl band.  He was also fascinated by rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, James Brown and Janis Joplin, who seemed to do whatever they wanted with their music and in their personal lives.  That’s when Tyla developed his motto: “F*ck the rules.”  Today, Tyla looks up to Lil Wayne and considers Young Thug his favorite rapper.

Tyla Yaweh Rager Boy

3. Tyla Yaweh’s first music project was called Dreams, Money, and Fairytales.  He recorded some of it in a closet.  For his song, “Alone,” he came up with a brilliant marketing strategy: Tyla put his local radio station’s number at the end of the music video.  So many people called it, the track went viral in Orlando.

Tyla Yaweh Four Wheeling

4. How did Tyla Yaweh come up with his name?  Tyla is just a derivative of his actual first name, Tyler.  As for Yaweh, he said: “I was doing a lot of reading, and Yaweh means the fresh breath of air that created life.  I’m not saying, ‘I am a god,’ but I’m saying I am what I’m representing myself to be, which is a rock star.  I’m representing myself as a fresh breath of air, a new creation.”  Hence Tyla Yaweh.

Tyla Yaweh Crazy Party

5. Although Tyla’s music was taking off in his home city, he was in the streets, seeing friends get locked up.  Something had to change or he’d wind up dead or in jail.  He decided to gamble, drop everything, and move out to LA.  When he arrived, he was homeless.  Eventually, he was discovered by Post Malone and Dre London.  Not long after, they signed him to their label, London Entertainment.  Tyla also signed a deal with Epic Records.

Tyla Yaweh Downtown

6. After several singles racked up millions of listens online, Tyla Yaweh dropped his debut album, Heart Full of Rage, in February of 2019.  Next came performances at festivals like SXSW, Rolling Loud, and Made in America.  In early 2020, he opened for Swae Lee and Posty on the Runaway Tour.

Tyla Yaweh Underground Concert

7. Post Malone has become one of Tyla’s closest friends, as well as his musical mentor.  When they’re not smoking cigarettes and playing beer pong, Tyla is a sponge, soaking up everything Post says and does.

Tyla Yaweh Post Malone

8. But if you think Posty takes it easy on Tyla, think again.  In November of 2019, before their concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, Post challenged Tyla to a $50,000 game of beer pong.  Stars like Billy Idol, Diplo, and Rich the Kid gathered around to watch the high-stakes match.  It was back and forth, but Posty prevailed.  Tyla was a good sport.  He laughed off the L and sent Post the entire $50k, via Cash App, immediately after Posty drained the last shot.

Tyla Yaweh Flexing For Camera

9. In May of 2019, while performing in Brisbane, Tyla Yaweh Tweeted that he missed his girlfriend.  It is unclear if they are still dating.  Tyla does not have any kids.

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10. What’s next for Tyla Yaweh?  His plan is simple: “I just want to travel the world and become a household name.  Just keep making music, dropping videos and be the best fashion icon in the world.  And just love the people!” he told NME.

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