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YFN Lucci Net Worth

Is YFN Lucci Rich

YFN Lucci net worth: Rayshawn Lamar Bennett, aka YFN Lucci, is a rapper with a net worth of $1.3 million. Keep reading for 10 YFN Lucci facts you probably didn’t know.

YFN Lucci Double Cup

1. YFN Lucci’s date of birth is February 18, 1991. He’s from Atlanta, Georgia. His dad immigrated here from Jamaica. His mom was strict, and didn’t let YFN Lucci sleepover at friends’ houses or have girls over. His brother also raps under the name YFN KAY.

YFN Lucci Playground

2. In school, YFN Lucci did his homework and got decent grades, but also goofed around a lot and got himself into trouble. He began rapping at age nine, using a cassette recorder to capture his freestyles. At age 17, his friend and fellow Atlanta rapper, Johnny Cinco, took him to a studio, and that’s when YFN got serious about his craft.

YFN Lucci Stacking Money

3. YFN Lucci’s mom played a lot of R. Kelly around the house when he was little. As he got older, 50 Cent and Ja Rule became his idols. He loved how they could make hard songs for the streets, but also sing and make radio- and club-friendly tracks for the ladies. He wanted to follow in their footsteps and make music that all sorts of different demographics could enjoy. (Reminds me of DDG.)

YFN Lucci Munchies

4. YFN Lucci goes with his gut. “I never felt like I had anything to prove, I just do me,” he says. “I get in the studio and rap about what I want to rap about and do my melodies until they sound good. It’s how I’ve always done it. As long as I like the music, and they’re f*cking with it, I keep it going. I do it for myself first, and have fun with it.”

YFN Lucci Blue Rolls Royce

5. YFN Lucci’s pet peeve is when artists make songs that don’t mean anything. You can’t understand ’em, the lyrics are embellished, there’s no emotion behind the bars—he hates those types of tracks.

YFN Lucci Poolside

6. If there’s three things he has to have in the studio, it’s: (1) weed (specifically, “gas” aka high-grade marijuana that has a strong order, much like gasoline); (2) some of his brothers, so they can vibe and feed off each other; and (3) a couple of “bad females” ’cause he loves the ladies.

YFN Lucci Music Video

7. YFN Lucci has battled a “lean” addiction. He quit, briefly, because he was always tired, had severe brain fog, and felt like he wasn’t there for his family. But, based on the styrofoam double cups you see Lucci clutching in these recent photos, it appears he’s back on the ol’ Texas tea.

YFN Lucci Palm Tree

8. YFN Lucci has dabbled in modeling: in 2017 and 2018, he and fellow hip-hop artist, Jacquees, appeared in ad campaigns for Puffy’s Sean John sportswear. In late 2018, he turned his rap collective, YFNBC, into a label. It stands for “young fly n*gga ’bout cash.”

YFN Lucci Dog

9. YFN Lucci used to date Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, who was 10 years younger than him. She broke up with him after he attended the infamous “cucumber party,” where female guests were encouraged to get as graphic as possible with a cucumber. He has two kids: a son named Justice and a daughter named Liberty.

YFN Lucci New Car

10. Speaking on his legacy, YFN Lucci told Elevator, “I just want them to remember me as a person who’s unstoppable. I never give up or quit. I’m a tiger, if I see something, I go get it.”

YFN Lucci Performing

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