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YouTube For Bosses Review, Cost, Coupon Code

YouTube Subscribers Sunny Lenarduzzi

Can Sunny Lenarduzzi really teach you how to 100x your YouTube subscribers over the course of the next year? I’m skeptical.

But before I investigate her YouTube For Bosses program, here’s an even easier way to “rank and bank.” As you’ll see, instead of YouTube videos, it’s itty-bitty websites.

How to be your own boss

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So what’s Sunny’s deal? According to her bio, she assists entrepreneurs in becoming the easy and obvious choice in their niche, by way of YouTube marketing.

Following her strategy will achieve two things: (1) it’ll help you build your brand; and (2) it’ll allow you to get leads on demand.

The result? Profit you can actually pocket, since you won’t be wasting any money on paid advertising.

Hmm. She talks a good game, but can she back it up? Let’s find out. I’ll sign up for her free training and hear what she has to say.

Sunny Lenarduzzi’s pitch, exposed

YouTube @SunnyLenarduzzi

Sunny’s webinar kicks off and, after cruising through some testimonials from her YouTube For Bosses Facebook group, telling us who this is and isn’t for, and highlighting her own accomplishments, she slowly makes her way into the meat ‘n’ taters.

Sunny says there are three keys to becoming a boss on YouTube. They are:

Part 1: Research Before You Record

Getting views starts with picking the right keyword. And believe me, Sunny says, it’s quality over quantity.

You have to make content that’s discoverable. Not only that, but content you’re able to monetize. Sunny suggests you:

  • Answer FAQs
  • Model competitors and community hubs
  • Piggyback off of trending topics
  • Find highly-searched-for, moderate-to-low competition phrases people are looking up on Google and YouTube

Part 2: Create Content That Converts

How? Short intros. Tell viewers, right away, why they should keep watching. High retention equals high rankings equals even more views.

Wrap up each video with your “money moment.” Tell them, twice, what you’d like them to do. Like, comment, subscribe, and share; click over to your landing page; or whatever it is.

Optimize each video with an eye-catching thumbnail; a title, description and keywords based on what people are already searching for; as well as relevant links to other videos, pages, and products of yours.

Part 3: Build Your Own Audience And Get Paid

Speed up the process by going outside of YouTube to bring viewers to you. How?

Drive traffic from every organic source possible—Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, etc. Just get in front of people and link ’em back to your videos.

Show YouTube that your channel matters. In turn, they’ll show you more love.

The skinny on YouTube For Bosses

Sunny Lenarduzzi Course Curriculum

After some surprisingly solid content, Sunny Lenarduzzi gets into the offer.

YouTube For Bosses is a four-hour crash course that’ll teach you, essentially, how to rank number one on YouTube and get more “suggested video” views.

Sunny itemizes everything you’ll get inside of YouTube For Bosses and gives a make-believe “value” for it, which I find laughable. When it’s all said and done, the program is somehow “worth” $11,500.

(That was the only part where I rolled my eyes. I suppose it’s a little nitpicky, but whatever.)

Regardless, you won’t pay anywhere near that much, states Sunny.

In fact, the everyday price is $597. However, if you invest immediately following her webinar, you can get in plus snag some extra bonuses for a one-time payment of $397. No discount code necessary.

You’re also backed by a two-week, 100% money-back guarantee.

Verdict? Compared to her Authority Accelerator course, this was much better, top to bottom. I thought Sunny gave real, actionable content in the training and presented a fair offer at a bargain price. (Keep in mind: there’s probably upsells.)

More important, I believe in this skillset. And I think the average person—assuming they did the work—could get results with Sunny’s system.

For those of you who still don’t wanna make videos, though; or in case you don’t have a product or service of your own to sell, click the link below.

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