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YSN Flow Net Worth

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YSN Flow net worth: Kamron Ford, known professionally as YSN Flow, is a rapper with a net worth of $1 million. Get to know him with the following facts.

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1. YSN Flow’s date of birth is January 17, 2004. He was born and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where he saw his fair share of poverty, struggle, hate, and envy. “I did what I had to do [to survive],” he said.

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2. YSN Flow claims he didn’t listen to much music growing up, and still doesn’t. Why? Because he doesn’t want to be influenced by anyone else; he wants to do his own thing. For a while he was into 6ix9ine, mainly because he considered him a genius marketer, but not anymore. Today, YSN Flow draws comparisons to Lil Tjay, Lil Tecca, and NLE Choppa.

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3. How did YSN Flow get his name? He used to go by K-Floh, but eventually changed “Floh” to “Flow,” because that’s what he had—the flow. Then, instead of the “K” for his first name, Kamron, he went with “YSN,” which stood for “Young Successful N*ggas.” But when he began selling his merch at school, that didn’t fly. So he softened up the meaning, and now it’s: “Young Successful Navigation.” So there you have it—the origin and meaning of YSN Flow.

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4. Before his music career took off, YSN Flow would get money by any means necessary. “When I really wanna do something, I make sure it get done,” he told XXL. “Coming up, I used to go to Hobby Lobby and steal letters, then go to Walmart and steal shirts, and go home and iron the letters on the shirt and sell it at school as merch. I was able to buy my own studio, so that was like my hustle at the time. It was just a whole bunch of dumb sh*t I did growing up just tryna make some money.”

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5. How did YSN Flow get started in hip-hop? He and his friends would freestyle on their walks home from school. At age 13, he copped some speakers and a mic from Target and, using his mom’s laptop, went into his closet, put a winter glove over his mic, and began recording songs.

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6. So how’d he get discovered? In a word, hustle. “I was in rappers’ comments,” he tells All Hip Hop. “Everyday, just going in rappers’ comments. ‘Name a 15-year-old rapper better than me,’ I’d comment on it every time—every time a celebrity posted.” Curious, people would click his link to find out who this cocky commenter was, and that’s how his song, “Want Beef,” blew up.

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7. YSN Flow ended up moving to Los Angeles and signing a deal with Republic Records, with a little help from his “momager.” He feels blessed to be living it up on the West Coast, pursuing his dream. Oh, and he doesn’t miss the “f*ckin’ snow.”

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8. YSN Flow finished high school online. He’s known for his marathon studio sessions, sometimes not sleeping for days because he’s “in the zone” and wants to keep creating. Red Bull, Adderall, and blunts keep him going.

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9. Like Roddy Ricch, YSN Flow has sort of this antisocial vibe about him. It’s “family first,” and everyone else a very distant second. In general, he thinks people are fake and has a hard time trusting anyone he didn’t come up with. As for collaborations? He’s indifferent. “If it happens, it happens.”

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10. Where does YSN Flow go from here? Well, he has three main goals: (1) crack the Billboard Hot 100; (2) have a song go platinum; and (3) “just last.” And he plans on doing all that by keeping it simple—just putting out good, catchy music that people wanna hear.

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