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20 Ways To Feel More Peaceful

The Peaceful Millionaire

On some zen sh*t:

1) Live simply.

2) Smile more.

3) Laugh more.

4) Spend more time with people who make you smile and laugh.

5) Sit in silence, and just think.

6) Text someone you love every day – and tell them how much they mean.

7) Read autobiographies of people who inspire you.

8) Do one thing at a time.

9) Do it to the best of your ability.

10) Celebrate getting it done.

11) Do something nice for someone.

12) Breathe deep.

13) Take time to reflect.

14) Visualize you as your most badass self.

15) Schedule downtime.

16) Go for a walk.

17) Order something different FFS.

18) On critical tasks, take the path of most resistance.

19) Make fun your top priority.

20) Forward this URL to someone who needs to see it.

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