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Kevin Zhang’s Net Worth And Questionable Story

Kevin Zhang Official

Kevin Zhang is the son of poor Chinese immigrants. Not too long ago, he was living in their dingy basement, buried in debt, looking for ways to make money online. Overnight, it seems, he became a multi-millionaire.

In fact, Kevin claims the ecommerce brands he built from scratch have already done over eight figures in revenue. And that, in his very first year of business, he grossed $20 million dollars. Hmm.

One thing’s for sure: this man’s a hype machine. He’s always tooting his own horn and trying to position himself as a big deal (“as seen on Forbes and Yahoo! Finance”).

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Alright, back to Kevin Zhang. In his own words, here’s how it all went down.

“A lot can change in a year. When I graduated college, I felt like the world had been lying to me,” Kevin said in a video he posted to his Instagram.

“A six figure job with no time or freedom? That’s no reward. There had to be [a] better [way].”

“That’s why, at age 23, I launched my own e-commerce business with [only] $3,000 in my bank account and no experience. And I made $20 million dollars in my first year.”

“It wasn’t easy. I failed a lot to get here. And everyone thought I was crazy. I was doubted by my own parents.”

“My mom would always say, ‘Why do you think you’re more special than all of your peers? Not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg. Why can’t you work like everyone else?'”

“It’s simple. It’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want a life like everyone else. I wanted to be my own boss.”

“The education system is failing us; and the fake gurus and the false experts—they’re even worse. So I decided to share my secrets with the world. And surround myself with other like-minded bosses.”

“If you believe you can be your own boss, like I did, what are you waiting for?”

How Kevin Zhang allegedly burst onto the scene

Not sure I buy the whole $20 million in year one bit. Think about it: in order to scale from zero to $20 million dollars in just 12 months, you’d need some serious cash to pour into paid ads, inventory, systems, support, etc.

But Kevin supposedly started this when he was so poor, he ate fried water for Sunday supper. Doesn’t add up.

To me, it feels very Tanner Chidester-y. Where he kinda just aggressively faked it till he made it.

Today? No question, he’s making millions selling his “how to get rich with e-comm” trainings. As for his backstory? Man, I dunno. Seems slipperier than a pocketful of pudding. What do you think?

Well, either way, our estimation is that Kevin Zhang’s net worth is right around $4 million dollars. That number will of course rise steadily as he enrolls thousands of new members into his paid program.

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